Let’s continue with a second look on this already legendary event. Ì lost count about how many great reactions I’ve heard and read from all over Europe. Therefore it’s a pleasure to write another article of this event since we can never talk enough about it. Allard already kicked off with his blog in part one of the 7Tune coverage and there is some more coming. Like most events, the day started early in the morning for the last preparations and set-up for the day. I was a little nervous to be honest with you. But in a good way because I knew it would be a historical day for Dutch car culture..

Some people arrived around 07.00AM to be sure to get a good spot on the indoor area. Welsey was one of those earlybirds with his Sil80 on fresh refurbished Work Meisters.

Near the 7Tune podium there were some of the most impressive cars I’ve ever seen. Adam made sure this Saker got a nice place for the spotlight.

The VAD 993 Revenger did as well.

I don’t know about you guys out there but in my opinion this is the coolest s13 on Dutch soil. In fact this is the first street legal rb25det powered s13 of Holland. You can expect an elaborate feature from Allard in the near future. He will tell you every little thing there is to know about it so stay tuned.

Some people came a long way to visit DUMPd. This second generarion MX-5 has his exterior inspired on WOII. The owner travelled north from Belgium to the Enka factory. This Filthy Penny is screaming: “FEATURE ME!!”.

Another legend from our southern neighbors is this spotless Acura NSX. This beauty was present at the 7Tune & Wangan Warriors meeting back in June. Lovely to see this one present at DUMPd!

The guys from Cable Tie Racing came all the way from Camebridge. Although I see pictures on facebook and various forums of the of Martyn Carters 200sx drifting around on British tracks, It doesn’t look that abused at all. I love the character of this s-body.

I just admire the total concept of this event. Mixing up styles and flavours from diffirent car scenes and display that at a breathtaking location with a historical story.

Everything was possible at DUMPd. If you look to the right, you would see a Toyota Aristo, and when you look the other way you would stand next to the cleanest VW Jetta you could ever Imagine.

I’m a jdm enthousiast but this Jetta just blew my mind and changed my opinion about the VAG scene in general. This example rocked on matching BBS wheels and if you thought you got a clean engine bay…

… you’ve got another thing coming. This was just next level wiretuck cleanness to me.

The VIP scene was represented as well with a few lovely lexus’ . This gs300 on Wald D23’s was one of them.

And not to forget the GS430 which Allard also mentioned in his blog.

Let’s continue with something diffirent, classics. This ’74c corolla is a loved one in the Japanese car scene out here.

It was the first time I saw this Z in real life. If the facebookreactions are correct, this lovely thing will be slammed to the ground in the next season. I hope to spot it again at an event or meeting in 2013.

There is just no ending to showing how many great cars and people who attended the event. This Soarer was a absolute vision. The owner came all the way from Germany. I hope you see in these passed pictures how mixed the show was.

There were so many diffirent kinds of styles and all of which are great. I don’t thing there was anything out there you could dislike if you love car culture in general.

At the end of the day a slammed Jetta was raffled among the visitors, goodies were handed out and everybody left with smiles on their faces. Those who missed this day, hopefully regret it by now because all the pictures and videos online are the living proof of what you missed out on.
Again we thank the organization and all the visitors for a memorable day!

Words and Photo’s – Rens Adams

DUMPd 2012 was supported by:
Simply Clean
Just Stance
Wheel Whores
Wangan Warriors

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