Where do I begin with this one? I was looking forward to DUMPd ever since I was told about it at the beginning of the year. It would be an event that was supposed to raise the bar, think outside of the box, celebrate lifestyle and bring the different communities closer together! And that’s exactly what happened on the 8th of September at the old Enka factory in Ede (NL)!

I hear you thinking: “That sounds cool but isn’t this been done for ages in the US and Japan?”
Yes… but not in Europe and not at this level! From little car shampoo bottles with the DUMPd logo to DUMPd air fresheners to hotel arrangements, the brilliant organization literally thought of everything!

And you just can’t go wrong with a venue like the Enka factory! For a little more info on the history of the Enka (and in case you missed) make sure to check out my DUMPd teaser.

Cars that made the indoor selection where supposed to arrive between 7:00 and 10:00am as the doors to the public would open at 10:00. One of the first to arrive was Wangan Warrior Noud! This car paved the way for a lot of S-chassis owners in Holland as it’s the first street legal S13 with RB25 swap! Noud finished the swap back in 2009 but due to circumstances the car hadn’t seen the streets for almost 2 years. In fact, he finished her in the week before DUMPd and passed MOT with flying colors! As soon as Noud went in others started to follow…

… and before we knew it …

… the Enka was already filled with showstoppers, horsepower beasts and everything in between!

The guys from Vogue Auto Desing (or simply VAD) where kind enough to bring their top two cars to the event. The 993 “revenger” sure looked the part! Thanks for supporting DUMPd and 7Tune guys!

Another big thanks goes out to my buddy Robin Low for providing DUMPd and the 7Tune stage with the freshest beats all day! The DUMPd organization made sure there was more entertainment as well. I really thought the BMX guys where a nice touch to the whole lifestyle scene.

There where so many epic rides selected for this great event that I didn’t really know where to begin.
Next to that I had a chat with so many visitors, friends and family that at one point I had to tear myself away from them and start shooting! These shots are only a impression of all the quality present at DUMPd! Oldschool VAG, Oldschool JDM or newstyle VAG…

… all build in their own special way with their own attention to detail. The diversity was huge but I really fell in love with “Filty Penny”. This WWII inspired ride looked the part with the rusted steelies and cameo wrap! But I loved the VIP merc next to the slammed beamer as well. Or what about the beautiful Silvia couple? Babybleu and purple, a perfect combo! Again two finest from Wangan Warriors.

Another 3 of my favorites! You just cant go wrong with a NSX. But I loved the old Mercedes W115! I am a JDM kind of guy but this was something else. It looked just so… right!
But that was before I had seen this clean Lexus GS430! Work VS wheels, TTE parts and slammed made it a winner in my book! True bippu style is rare as rocking horse poo in Holland so this was a sight for sore eyes!

There’s was also plenty to see outside. Jeroentje Tuning brought his (almost) complete time attack team! The GC8 on the right was only finished weeks prior to DUMPd! The owner, Misha, has cut no corners with this build. The 2.35 liter boxer puts out a whopping 705BHP and 862NM of torque at 2.2 bar boost. And he’s not even satisfied!

*Shot by my lovely sister Luciëlle*
The guy with the big red beard is Johan from Wangan Warriors. Here he is interviewing me (left) and Adam (next to Johan) as well as the guys from Club JDM of Sweden! It was a pleasure meeting you guys and hope to greet you soon in Sweden!

That concludes my coverage of DUMPd 2012.
I would like to congratulate Inne and Michiel for a great event and a memorable day!
Also a big thanks that we where able to be a part of DUMPd!
I loved every minute of it and I’m pretty sure everybody else did as well.

More DUMPd coverage following in the next few days by my buddies Rens and Adam.

DUMPd 2012 was supported by:
Simply Clean
Just Stance
Wheel Whores
Wangan Warriors

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Words and Photo’s – Allard van Grafhorst

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