For the second time Fast Car Festival was held at the circuit park of Zandvoort. It was the first time for me to attend the event and I really looked forward to this Sunday. From what I’ve heard, the first edition of FCF was a succes and the high quality level was undeniable. But to be fair I didn’t have a clue what to expect. Allard asked me to cover this event for 7Tune since he had something important to do in France (Editors note – LeMans 24H). So I will try to show you readers an overall look of the event in this coverage.

Let’s start with the paddock. Not long after I picked up my mediavest, I bumped into this ’02 GS300. This Lexus is properly lowered with a set of BC coilovers combined with with these Wald D23 19’s and you got yourself a VIP look.

The Show & Go paddock was an area specially for cars that outshine at the event. Luckily there were enough Japanese cars to be found. One of them was this lovely Fairlady on Privat Vulcans. I can’t wait to get my hands on this Z for a full feature. But for now just this shot.

Another respected project in the Netherlands is this supercharged Miata NB. I’ve been following this Mazda since the Japanese Auto Fesival of 2011. Before and after that period, a lot has been modified on the car. Wrapped in gray film, installed a Kenne Bell Twin screw supercharger kit, TR LANE Rollcage, Lotus Elise seats, you name it. My opinion, the finest Miata project of our country.

Things couln’t get any better after the owner of this Mini opened up his bonnet during the Show & Go contest. He built in a B series Honda engine. Some said that was impossible but fortunately the owner has a pair of balls, persisted his ideas and finished the project. With some Nordschleife action under his belt this is one exclusive piece of art.

Yes that is a 2JZ and yes that’s the enginebay of a BMW. I absolutely admire creative engineswaps like this. Lovely to see a large range of exclusivity at this event.

My Wangan Warriors clubfriend Johan was invited for the Show & Go paddock as well. As always “The Barracuda” was a sight to behold!

I’ll give it one year untill Allard has tagged just about all the awesome Japanese cars in the Netherlands. I allready found quite a lot of them with a 7Tune sticker. But still not enough. So if you see Allard (Funny looking creature with a Fatlace hat on his big head, Canon DSLR in his hands, probably photographing Japanese awesomeness) feel free to ask for a sticker.

“Do you like dogs?” I met this little Mastiff who was more interested in the great Benzes, Nissans, Lexus’ on the firm paddock than smiling for the photo I was trying to take.

I met the videographer of Comes Productions. I don’t know if this rings a bell to anybody in Japan but Maarten covers the Dutch Drift Series and manages to produce quite some cool films of that. We need more cinematography out here!

Stickerdump did a great job on the new logodesign for Rising Sun Performance. This is Tom Verduyns DC5 in its new jacket!

Twan of racing team has a great season so far. He captured a podiumplace during the Superlap and is doing a great job at the national time attack races. The season is not over so be sure to expect more action of him in his Evo.

Bruce Morris, who is competing in the Dutch Time Attack in his R33 gtst this whole season, wasn’t that fortunate this weekend. He had some problems with the ECU which couldn’t be solved before the race. He came all the way from the UK for every race. I think that shows his dedication to his passion. By the look on his face I can tell he’s not amused at that moment. Obviously we wish him all the best.

There was enough action on the track during the day. The Toyo Tyres Superlap was held and driftdemo’s made sure everyone who needed their performance fix was satisfied. Keep checking the Fast Car Festival website for all the results.

I was invited by UK driver Simon Bradford for a few laps. It was the very first time that I’ve seen a whole lap of the Zandvoort track from inside a car. It couldn’t be a better taxi than this Skyline. Ow and this shot was taken before Simon wrecked his front bumper.

It was the first time but nevertheless an absolutely  pleasure to witness this four door R32 going sideways on the track. I’m still looking for the owner because this is screaming for a feature.

I had a great time on track, off track, relaxing in the Stickerdump lounge, photographing on a sunny day and covering for 7Tune. I want to compliment GT-Events for organising this marvellous event. For those of you reading this, I’m not a regular 7Tune blogger but I try yo be fully supportive to the progress which this site is making and I’m loving the vibe between 7Tune and Wangan Warriors. Special thanks to Allard and Adam for this opportunity, totally appreciate it!



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Words and Photo’s – Rens Adams

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