If there’s a place in Holland that’s home away from home for automotive enthusiast than it’s the circuit of Zandvoort! Even the greats of Formula 1 have driven here and the circuit is considered to be the cradle of Dutch motorsports. But it also hosts multiple big events each year, including the annual Japanese Autosports Festival. People from all over Europe gather to show of their (Japanese) ride and celebrate one thing; The love of anything JDM!

The only downside is that the city of Zandvoort isn’t that big and that there are only two roads leading directly to the circuit. This causes massive traffic jams, but this was one traffic jam I didn’t complain about if you can see what i mean!

One of the first cars to catch my eye on the paddock was this clean S2K sporting a J’s racing bodykit. A pretty rare sight on European roads, let alone Holland! Of course you can’t go wrong with Volk CE28N’s! Especially in a color like that.

It seemed that this year it was all about clean engine bays! I loved the work on this turbo’ed 4-AGE blacktop. Apparently the owner had put a little over 500 hours of work into the engine!

Or how about a K20 swap into…

… a rather clean Civic?

This Z33 standing next to it wasn’t too bad looking either.

Speaking of Z33’s, this fine example made it all the way over from Germany. It’s a prime example of less is more! A Nismo front lip, BBS LeMans wheels, a nice drop and you’re finished!

This beautiful NSX is driven in the Semi Pro Street Class of the Dutch Time Attack Championship by Dimer van Santen. Here he is washing the car before going out on track because “why not look good while you’re at it?”

Unfortunately he didn’t make it to the finals thanks to a blown fuse which shut down the fuel system.

There where multiple drift demo’s during the day in-between the various Time Attack classes.
One of my favorite cars of the day was the Kyouto Drift RX-8 which not only looked good sideways…

… but also stationary! The 13B under the hood was build by Dragon Performance in the UK and sounded as sweet as the car looks!

Another favorite was this AE86 Levin! The owner replaced the original 4A-GE engine with an Altezza Beams engine. With 225bhp and at a little under 1000 kilos i’m sure this is a fun little car to drive!

A rather fitting text in this mirror…

… because it belongs to the 600+ bhp Supra from the guys at Purple Monkey Engineering!
This number of horsepower is achieved on a safe(!) setting. I’m not going to spill any more beans on this car because it’s in the books that we will do a full out feature on this car.

While I was strolling trough the paddock, Wangan Warrior Rens Adams was kind enough to do some track side shooting for us! And with great result! Here’s Dennis Kussendrager in his qualification lap, managing a respectable 2.16 but unfortunately not enough for the finals in the Semi Pro Street Class.

Here’s Arnold van der Pol in his final lap! Not only did he make it to the finals but he managed to take the first place in the Pro Street Class with a time of 2.099!

Another winner in his class! Twan van Baast in his Mitsubishi Evo VIII managed a very fast 1.5976, almost 3 seconds faster than the number 2 in the Super Pro Street Class! A great win for the guys at!

After that it was time for the drift boys to put on another show…

and for me to take a last stroll trough the paddock. I’m glad I did because otherwise I might have missed this Nissan Gloria! I’ve never seen one outside of Japan before so this sure was a sight to behold. The owner went for the VIP look on this car and I must say he almost executed to perfection.

It’s a good thing to see that people in Holland are starting to put serious labour into their engines.
This Aristo sported some serious grunt under the hood. I spotted almost the complete HKS catalogue in there.

A big thanks to Rens Adams from Wangan Warriors for helping me out track side! You’ll be seeing more shots from his hand in the future so make sure to keep a look out on the blog!

Results Extreme Class
1. #33 Cor Euser 1.53382 – Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R
2. #98 Jeroen Horsen 1.57506 – Ferrari
3. #56 Michael Verhagen 1.59054 – Honda S2000 Endurancecup Car

Results Super Pro Street Class
1. #41 Twan van Baast 1.59766 – Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VIII
2. #90 Reaf Davis 2.02640 – Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VII
3. #57 Martijn Lakerveld 2.04480 – Seat Ibiza Cupra TDI

Results Pro Street Class
1. #67 Arnold van der Pol 2.09933 – Honda Civic
2. #25 Florian Wilming 2.11884 – Honda CRX Vtec
3. #45 Alex de Jonge 2.13961 – Opel Corsa A widebody

Results Semi Pro Street Class
1. #4 Tim Cure 2.16974 – Honda Civic Type-R EP3
2. #11 Ulco Hueting 2.17167 – VW Golf 6 GTD
3. #34 Raymond van Staveren 2.19225 Honda Integra Type-R JDM DC2

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Words – Allard van Grafhorst
Photo’s – Rens Adams & Allard van Grafhorst


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