This was my first time at the Nostalgic Car Show after missing it the last few years for one reason or another. But boy was I glad I made the trip to this one! It was oldschool nirvana for anyone into their classics and there must have been 50 odd occasions where I was left absolutely speechless either by raw power, beautiful curves, classic or modern approaches to a build or by utter rarity. Let me show you what’s inside…


It was a super friendly event, with laid back and casual stall holders, builders, tuners and members of the public mixing together to make a genuinely pleasant family day out. We got to know Inoue san from Star Road fame quite well during our visit and you’ll be seeing a lot more of his cars in coming features.

That yellow S30 up there is getting some special treatment this Wednesday!

There are plenty of other S30’s to come as well. Some were mild but most wild!

Other S30’s were sporting jaw dropping conversions like this new OS Giken engine.

Speaking of OS Giken, we’ll be showing you a lot more about their new 2012 range of twin cam heads for the L series engine. Don’t miss that!

As always there is a plethora of Skylines to gawk at…

…and I lost count on how many genuine Hakosuka GT-R’s I spotted that day.

I did “smell a rat” on one or two occasions and I’ll be explaining two sure fire ways on knowing how to spot a real one from a fake one.

On the subject of fakes, we’ll have a closer look at this Ferrari. No, it’s not a GTO as many were fooled into believing, but a very smooth wide body conversion on a regular 328GTS. It always pays to read what’s on the window.

There were some other Euros scattered around the hall and most were in pristine and unmolested condition.

The writing was on the wall when I lay eyes on this KPGC10 though. It is rapidly evolving into the craziest Hakosuka build in the world. I have a ton more to show you on this car and Sudo san, who was also behind the full carbon bodied R32 Garage Saurus GT-R, gave us the complete low down. We will be following this build with great interest.

It was so good in fact, that it totally floored me. More details on the car in the next post.

I’ll also be showing you kids pointing at cars…

..the best handling PIZZA NERD in the world…

..two midgets…

…cars with lots of stickers on them…

…two VERY big bazookas…

…a couple of girls standing under a sign…

…a random encounter with Marty McFly..

and a TON of other cool stuff from the event.

Coming soon!

7Tune – The Ultimate JDM Experience since 2005

Words and Photos – Adam Zillin


  1. can you show some other picture of piazza isuzu nero? why handling by lotus? that is a special edition from oem or some tuning shop in japan?

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