So… Where to start? My first full 24 hour race and at the famous “green hell” no less! I had no idea what to expect. I was looking forward to this one like a fat kid looks forward to his next piece of pie! I wrapped up work early on Friday to meet Mat on time for the Team Falken drift demo at the Mullenbach corner! I arrived with a familiar site for those who visit the ring frequently; The Nürburg castle.

– Team Falken Driftdemo –

We made it just in time as the drifters where already lining up for their first run…

…and Remmo Niezen got the ball rolling pretty well! As you can see the stands where filled pretty well and the crowd absolutely loved every minute of it.

Paul Cheshire initiating hard into the famous Mullenbach corner…

…Alan Green midcorner…

… and Remmo Niezen creating a cloud of smoke while coming out!

After a good hour of some of the best drifting I’ve ever seen the guys gave a little encore which was highly appreciated by the very enthusiastic crowd! There where fireworks, singing, the wave… It felt as if I was at a soccer match!

We hitched a ride with Danny from Team Falken (thanks again!) and we where glad we did…

…because the guys did some skids for a couple of VIP’s staying in the Eifeldorf hotel! The hotel used to have a very nice parking lot before this evening!

We camped at the paddock where the Falken guys stayed as well and got woken up by the sound of airguns and wrenching…

… something we weren’t to happy with because we where a little hungover. Drifters sure know how to party!
We’ll get deeper into all the driftaction later on but that’s an entirely different story!

– Gridwalk –

After a quick breakfast we strolled trough the paddock prior to the 24H grid walk. The GT-3 teams where already packing up so we decided to head out to the pits…

…where the teams where making last minute preparations or in this case drawings!
The GT-R from Team Nissan GT-R had some lucky charms written on the side by mechanics, drivers and family.
Unfortunately it didn’t do them any good because they only managed a 99th place out of the 111 cars that finished.

One of my favorite cars on the grid was the Subaru GVB from the Subaru Tecnica International team.
The car looked and sounded so smooth! That and the fact that it’s JDM is a big plus of course.

And beeing JDM they attracted a lot of attention from the Japanese media!

I’ve seen the 86 in Japan but this was my first encounter on European soil. This car is highly anticipated in Europe so I can’t wait to get my hands on a set of keys for this baby!

Not JDM but this Hyundai Genesis sure looked menacing and ready for a long 24 hours of racing!

Exactly how I like my S2K’s! Mean looking and all business! Unfortunately they didn’t make the end race. They had to suspend the race after 20 hours with mechanical issues.

I’ll leave you with a few more images of what’s to come on my first and certainly not last Nürburgring 24 Hours! I’m my next part more on the race itself!

Mat will get deeper into the race itself and I’m already working hard on #2 on my first time perspective so stay tuned for more in the following hours/days!
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Words and photo’s – Allard van Grafhorst


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