EVENTS – The Return of the Sun, Wangan Warriors Spring Meeting



The last two editions of the Wangan Warriors meeting had either a lot of rain or thick amounts of fog to deal with. Now at the beginning of the spring, their meeting got treated with the Return of the Sun.While the cherry blossoms are popping up everywhere in Holland, the city of Amersfoort got a fresh breeze of the Japanese car culture. Together with, our other Dutch 7Tune reporter, Allard van Grafhorst, I teamed up to enjoy a day of great cars, new friends and lots of photography.

The owner of this Impreza parked his car in the shade of a building next to the car park. The reflection of the Sun on the stores window made a great photo opportunity as it brightend up the entire side of the car.

Such a beast of a Supra still is a rare sight on the Dutch roads. Just hearing it run stationary can already intimidate any form of competition it might run into. Expect to see more of this car as it will get to see plenty of action this coming season.

A large variety of Honda’s made their way to this event. This mean, caged Civic came all the way from Belgium.

I spotted this fresh green color sitting on the wheels of a white S2000. The sunlight made the wheels stand out even more! A perfect combination.

Not an unfamiliar sight in the Dutch car scene is this Evo. It fitted right in with the local scenery and it made quit a few heads turn and camera’s overheat.

While walking around the parking I ran onto this nicely stanced Civic. Some of you might think “it needs more low” but this actually is a perfect set up as the Dutch roads are covered with speedbumps. This height might even get you into trouble rolling around in plenty of places around here.

The team from came out with a stand where their latest sticker collection could be bought. Incase you’re looking for something specific or new, fresh and original material look them up on the net.

By the looks of this Toyota dash at least had one customer present!

The owner of this Honda could not have parked it in a better spot. It’s paint job felt right at home on this sandbank!

Besides the large amount of Honda’s turning up, several Nissan’s also made the journey to Amersfoort. Together with several other Z’s this carbon decked 350 was shining out loud.

There is something with the look of this car that makes me want to own it! I like the aggressive but yet clean look of this Accord from Belgium.

One of Allard’s friends showed up with one of the cleanest Levin’s I have seen rolling around in quit a while. Days like these can make a person rather greedy!!!

Meet, Wangan Warriors team member, Johan van Tongeren. The camouflaged Impreza reflected in his sunglasses is his own and another force the be reckoned with!

Out of the blue this AZ1 Suzuki showed up! Another car that you do not run into everyday. Fortunately it is owned by a very passionate driver that will keep it on the road for quit a while. The AZ1 was built and designed together with Mazda.

I leave you with another shot of the Purple Monkey Engineering Supra. Later this week Allard will be back with more coverage from the Wangan Warriors meeting. Enjoy! – The Ultimate JDM Experience Since 2005

Words & Photo’s – Mathieu Van Den Oever

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  1. This photos don’t really show off much at all… Need more angles of cars & stuff where you can actually see details! Ughhhh.

  2. Noud/Kypski (Wangan Warriors)

    Very nice review and I can’t wait to see the rest. Thanks for attending our meet guys!

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