It’s that time of year again where the automotive scene in Holland grinds to a halt.
The weather gets colder, rain pours from the sky and cars are tucked away in warm garages to appear again in spring. But before the cars get to hibernate they had to be polished for an last meet!
The anual Wangan Warriors “End of year” meeting.

For some reason, the weather Gods don’t approve of the meetings these guys organize.
It rained so hard at the last meeting they organized that my camera died!
Luckily it didn’t rain this time but there was a dense fog covering Holland and the visibility on the highway was reduced to none! Fortunately the weather didn’t hold people back, as even cars from Belgium (like this sweet Integra type R) rolled in.

The timeless design that is the Honda NSX! This car also made it all the way from Belgium.

This insane Scooby belongs to one of the Wangan Warriors members. This car already went to different makeovers but I personally like this WW2 tank livery! And it’s not just any livery but the exact replica of the Barracuda Tank that sits on a city square in the city of Bastogne in memory of the Battle of the Bulge. That livery was chosen to honor the fallen soldiers that fought hard to liberate Holland.

One of my favourites at this meeting was this clean LHD AE86 Levin. It’s a pretty rare site at Dutch roads and this example was in excellent condition! The white SSR Dori Dori wheels finished the car of nicely.

Another rare example! This is one of the last original Dutch Nissan GTi-R’s. I had a little chat with the owner and as you can see he kept the car in great shape. He bought the car from the first owner who kept it in pristine condition for thirteen years.
The current owner even had the original sales receipt wich showed this car cost 75000 guilder (about 35000 euro’s!) in 1993!

Two rare classics in one shot! A white Toyota Carina in excellent condition and with a little over 80000 original kilometers.
The Mazda 929 also looked the part. There wasn’t a spot of rust to find on the car.

Two completely different JDM imports side by side. You can’t go wrong with BBS Le mans and a little low on a GT-R33.
The Toyota Glanza next to it didn’t look to bad either. This little pocket rocket is gaining a lot of popularity in Holland lately.

The economic crisis affects everyone but it has it’s benefits for some. The price of GTS-T R33 have plummeted so it’s one of Hollands most popular imports. This one looked like a stock spec 2 example on the outside but as you can see the owner spent a pretty penny under the hood!

This CRX del sol was slammed to perfection. Mind you this wasn’t riding on airbags but was lowered on fixed springs. The matt grey paint finished the look of nicely.

This shot really shows the diversity of cars at this meet! A drift ready Soarer, a sleeper Supra and a show and shine CRX.

Or how about a clean Honda CRX next to a Toyota Corolla rally replica?

The owner spent a lot of time and money to create this rally inspired replica. Stripped out interior, full rollcage, OMP seats and harnesses and a lot more. Not sure what was under the hood but it sure sounded like a rally car!

This Z33 looked the part! The bodykit wasn’t too much in your face and the wheels finished the car of nicely. Simply stunning!

This Integra Type R showed that the best things in life are simple. A little drop, nice wheels and a little frontspoiler are all you need to look good! Those SSR SP3’s look stunning!

Big and little brother side by side. One used daily and one track orientated monster! The owner of this white Supra is a regular on Dutch track days and Time Attack events.

Another ride from one of the Wangan Warriors. This sweet S14a sports a complete JDM kouki kit, BC racing coilovers and the complete Apex catalogue suspension wise. Of course you can’t go wrong with bronze TE37’s. Mapped by FC Tuning with custom nistune map and a lot of goodies under the hood it sports a healthy 318 BHP.

It got dark a little early and the cold didn’t help either so people started to head home.
This in combination with the fog made for some nice shots! If you’re a regular at our Facebook page than you know i’m a sucker for a sweet behind. And this RX-7 didn’t disappoint me in the sweet behind section!

I’ll leave you with the same car I started my coverage with. This Lexus IS350 was just one of the highlights of this meeting.
The Wangan Warriors end of year meeting also happened to be one of the best meetings I attended this year and fortunately they have announced it will be held annually!

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Words and photos – Allard van Grafhorst


  1. Great coverage Allard! It really describes the meeting well.
    I had a great time even though I had to drive an hour through thick fog!
    And I can’t believe my good old Carina made it to 7Tune! Thumbs up! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. And you live like 2 minutes from where I live hahaha!
      I’ve never seen your car in the flesh untill now!

      Was great driving back with you guys!
      Hope to see you all soon!

        1. Yes! ๐Ÿ˜€ I live on the corner of the langestraat and neuweg! ๐Ÿ™‚

          Gonna take a hike through oud Rome soon then! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Good article and it looks like a great meet! Seen a few pictures of the tank-Baru on Facebook (and I quite like it). Would like to see more on the Corolla WRC replica, it looks superb!

  3. Cool meet, but I need to say I really didn’t like seeing a show/knockoffimports delegation here, in my opinion they’ve done more harm then good to the Japanese car scene in the Neterlands and WW used to be above that :(.

  4. The grammar is terrible in this one! “the weather geT’S colder, rain POORS, apPear” Come on that’s just sloppy editing.

  5. hey guys have a gz20 1989 twinturbo soarer for sale in the uk,listed on,,,a must have for a true jdm car lover

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