When one hears the name Abt, there are two reactions; the first is that you immediately reminisce to Abt’s illustrious racing history, when it all began with a humble Fiat 500 tuned and raced by the Abt family themselves. The second is that of the younger generation,  essentially reaping what the great Johann Abt sewed 115 years ago; the fruits of his labour of what is now one of the most recognisable tuning specialists in the world, where one is mesmerized by the technically advanced continental beauties that one can spot without fault by the unmistakable Abt badge and Abt styling cues and skillfully crafted body kits.
Nonetheless, no matter which reaction you have there is no denying, that Abt has no doubt been successful in living up to its bold company philosophy; which is taking their knowledge and expertise from their illustrious 115 year track experience, and translating all they have learnt into cars the public can buy, therefore if one does buy an Abt you are buying a race bred car and that it will be nothing short of amazing.
Abt already has a dramatic influence on the Asian market, with branches up and running in Kuala lumpur and in Bangkok; with their latest venture bringing them to the sunny island of Singapore, a country with the highest per capita ownership of exotic super cars. The opening ceremony of their latest branch expansion in Singapore, which will also house the Asian regional HQ was an extravagant affair, with the current CEO of the Abt sports line Mr Hans Jürgen Abt and the MD of Abt Asia LLP, Mr Wolfgang Kitzeder gracing the event with their friendly and very knowledgable presence.
Abt also took the opportunity to launch their newest luxury Sedan, the sleek Abt AS7,  whose main target audience is the young executive of today or someone who wishes to savor the pure power and astonishingly beautiful styling. Much like a kosher meal to a food critic, Abt automobiles are skillfully crafted and definitely an indispensable addition to one’s stable.
The AS7 alongside its other relatives; the Scirocco based VSR, and the A5 based AS5 convertible.
The legendary Abt A4 DTM car on display that day.. it is so light and low, it took merely 4 people to carry it into the showroom because it couldn’t clear the ledge!
Guests literally absorbed by a short film on the Abt R8 showcase on Singapore’s Orchard Road and KL’s Starhill.
The Abt GTR R8’s Engine bay; neat and tidy, no nonsense here.
And with all things precise and German, Leica also had a booth set up for guests to test out their cameras, a brand that is capable of capturing extremely sharp images.

And i shall leave you with this final image of Abt’s GTR R8, tastefully reupholstered in Alcantara  leather and Carbon Fiber, a testament to Abt’s impeccable skill and craftmanship

That’s all for this installment from me! Hope you’ve enjoyed it!

Words – Eugene Chan.

Photos – Eugene Chan.


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