Nobody likes a damaged car and that is especially true for the enthusiasts among us that pour their hard earned money and time into projects of all shapes and sizes. Insurance is just one of those small things we must have in order to protect our pride and joy but you’d be surprised how many people over look it…

I’ve been witness to accidents – some trivial and others much more extensive and it always pains me to see the disappointment and in some cases heartache when owners who may have been just minding their own business get dragged into a problem. Aviva have some great coverage for those who want to make sure they are secured from tip to tail and are offering super deals which include a bonus 15 weeks of free coverage when people sign up for their “online” packages. If you prefer to go in directly, you’ll still be eligible to get up to 10 weeks of free care.

Not only that, but Aviva will also take care of the little things in case of an accident like 24 / 7 telephone claim support assistance and up to a weeks worth of loan vehicle cover. One other nice thing is that if you get into a situation where the car gets stolen within 12 months after purchase and it can’t be found, they’ll replace it with a brand new one in exactly the same configuration.

The price for peace of mind in this instance is surprisingly affordable; with insurance policies starting at 195 GBP. Because so much is out of our control when it comes to being an enthusiast, including what other road users are doing, it will be worth the time to take a closer look at what Aviva is offering and then give them a call to discuss your options!


Words and photos – Adam Zillin

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