It was an absolutely MEGA end to 2012 for 7Tune – with almost a dozen events to attend, countless people to meet and a couple of international events to fly to. Here is a rundown on what you can expect on 7Tune in the coming weeks during the first month of 2013…

First up, will be a further run through on the Thailand Bangsaen Festival of Speed and all the madness that makes up some of the most fun you could ever have at a motor sporting event over the course of a week.

Together with MAXTV Thailand, 7Tune was on hand to document the entire weekend and I will be bringing you action from the drift madness that followed up all the track madness.

MAX TV Thailand and the event organizers at the Bangsaen GP granted 7Tune access to all areas so we will leave no stone unturned in our coverage.

The racing was fierce but friendly…

… the girls intoxicating…

….and the after hours partying was definitely rocking!

If you are searching for the absolute best source of information on the Thai Bangsaen Festival of Speed event for your own travels in 2013, look no further. 7Tune has EVERY angle covered inside and out. Personally, I will be back at the 2013 event with helmet and suit in hand to drive the Thai equivalent of Bathurst, Macau and Monaco combined!

I will also be revisiting a few events and workshops that I attended during the final two weeks of 2012.

Among them, is the workshop of tuning legends MINE’s, where I got some quiet time with the President, Niikura san and his excellent staff – along with some of their finest machinery.

It’s something you don’t want to miss.

Literally hours before heading for Thailand at the end of December, I was at Tsukuba circuit short course for a karting endurance race with some of the best Japanese friends a person could have…

…including some VERY fast Super GT and Formula Nippon drivers!

I was basically doing a triple stint between endurance karting, shooting and having an awesome time!

There was a lot more to that particular day, including some sideways action from a variety of Japanese machinery… both young…

… weathered…

… and old!

Not leaving it there, I will be going back to revisit Imai san and Bee Racing where I covered what is easily one of the most popular and socially discussed BRZ’s on the planet.

Even better than that, we got out Imai san’s black AE86 for a two pronged attack. That double feature is worth waiting for!

7Tune made it’s maiden trip to Europe late in 2012 for the internationally renowned tuning event DUMP’d…

…we will be revisiting the event through the eyes of yours truly and the eyes of a few of our associates.

I’ll also be taking you all to the Green Hell where I cut my teeth on what is arguably the most dangerous stretch of blacktop on the face of the planet. The Renault Clio Cup car that I thrashed on the ‘Ring was a willing accomplice and I left the experience unable to sleep.. and unable to forget.

Late in November, the organizers of NUROTAG and 7Tune reached an agreement on co-sponsorship for what is turning out to be one of the Event Series of the year related to automotive culture in the United States. This innovative traveling circus of automotive tuning brings with it a fresh and interactive way for fans of their favorite cars and people to vote online through a series of shows to be held in a number of American cities throughout 2013. 7Tune is proud to support their opportunistic initiative and you can find all the latest updates and content either on the blog or the 7Tune Facebook page.

I will also be going back through content for a lengthy post to highlight the Best of the Best for 7Tune in Twenty Twelve. It was a year of strong growth socially and professionally for the brand and with the relaunch of 7Tune 2.0 due in the first quarter of 2013, bodes well for a brand that has been around longer than most of the other popular automotive related blogs and websites in the world.

But just as important will be my preview of the 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon which is only days away – also a place where a lot of surprises lay in store for those interested in the Japanese tuning industry. 7Tune will be on hand with a brace of the best photographers in the industry to make sure the entire weekend is covered from top to bottom

The Subaru BRZ and Toyota 86 are positively exploding in popularity here in Japan (and abroad) and as 7Tune has done since the conception of the project back in 2006, we will be bringing you all the JUCIEST and most INFORMATIVE content this side of the planet.

Not least of which being the stallions from the stable of Abflug, a company 7Tune has been working closely with over the last few months. The Abflug Spiral 86 is a project I have been personally involved in and we will be taking a great interest in over the next few weeks in print and on line media.

Late in January, I will also be going to the HKS Premium day to shoot all the madness of what is one of the most hardcore tuning festivals in Japan – complete with some of the absolute best products to come out of many of the most famous tuning companies in the country.

Don’t miss a single BIT of it.

Words and Photos – Adam Zillin

7Tune – The ULTIMATE JDM Experience Since 2004

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