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17 & 18 of December was another successful milestone for Formula Drift Asia fans, with the likes of many superstar drifters from all over Asia coming together to participate in a heated battle of tire smoking and sideways sliding. Round 3 of the Formula Drift series was set in the tropical country of Kuala Lumpur. Rain clouds were looming above but the event was somehow blessed and that rain never came. With the prominent names of the drifting scene like Manabu Orido, Daigo Saito and Daijiro Yoshihara, Formula Drift USA Champion as a special guest judge and from Thailand Kiki Sak Nana and Tong Nakarin of Team Red Bull, one can only expect some fireworks and the drivers didn’t disappoint…

The Formula Drift weekend was an eventful one, set in one of the most scenic locations in sunny Kuala Lumpur; the battleground chosen was none other than the most historical landmark in Malaysia where thousands gathered in 1957 to celebrate its independence from British Colonial rule. This historical landmark is none other than the Dataran Merdeka or Independence Square in English. The Ground condition was of an unusual material, rather than the standard Tarmac, bricks are in place of this historical battleground.

dataran merdeka


Formula Drift in KL is very different, in the respect that there is cultural diversity that is well respected here, and something that Malaysians are very proud of. There was even a cultural show to kick start the Weekend, something you don’t see in most of the other Formula Drift events.

Cultural Show

 Your eyes will now feast on the visual buffet, of lean mean drifting machines and of course, The beautiful Race queens. Let’s begin this feast with an appetizer, a lineup of some of the cars ready to do battle.

line up

 The 1JZ Altezza, Driven by Formula Drift Malaysia’s champion, Daigo Saito.


 Guys of the PTT Performa Drift team from Thailand. Gotta love that Fro he’s rocking!

PTT performa

None other than the Mad Max himself, Manabu Orido, with his Tricked out RS*R Supra.


 Now for the “main course”. Here’s Orido and his Supra in Action, Chasing down Ivan Lau at the wheel of the AE86 Levin.

supra levin

 Here’s Terdthoon Ruayjaroensap, in the KohKae RB20 Cefiro, who put on the most spectacular smoke display over the weekend, as proven in the below picture.


Kiki Sak Nana with his unmistakable Red Bull S15.

silvia S15

 Robbie Nishida in a subtle yet graceful machine, the 180SX.


 Josh Boettcher with his locally built Supra, with a V8 taken from the SC430 Soarer.


 Armando from Indonesia, with his Achilles sponsored R34 GT-T, at only 18 years of age he put on an astonishing display, and was one of the crowd favourites.


 Some tandem action with an S15 and an AE86 Trueno


 The tents that were set up as impromptu garages for the weekend, so that damaged cars could be worked on, or drivers could just chill out waiting to do battle and mingle with other fellow drivers.


 The track layout was one that demanded a high level of skill to navigate, coupled with a track that is laid with bricks rather than tarmac this made it even more difficult to drive on. The track got the better of some of the drivers, but thankfully no one, (other than the cars) were hurt over the weekend.


 One of the many drift cars on display for the fans to grab a photo or to just ogle at in amazement; you’d be surprised how long  i had to wait to grab this shot without any people walking around or posing with the car!

ptt 180sx

 After the “Main Course” to warm the cockles of your hearts, what would a race event be without Race queens? They are like Sushi without wasabi; one cannot be without the other. Time for dessert! Here are the beautiful girls of the Achilles booth.


 Beautiful isn’t she?


She’s pretty too!


 Smiles warmer than the sunny weather.

car and girls

 Oh my, ladies, the weather’s already hot enough!

smoking hot

 The top 10 finishers of the Formula Drift KL 2011 are as follows:

#1- Daigo Saito

#2- Manabu Orido

#3- Terdthoon Ruayjaroensap (Koh Kae)

#4- Muhammad Rulli Armando

#5- Saranon Pornpatanarak

#6- Thanapol Thongchua (Pete PTT)

#7- Somchai Aroonrung (Ju Redbull)

#8- Ser Ming Hui (Ah Fai)

#9- Davide Dorigo

#10- Hashiguti Anderson Toyoshi

And that’s all from this installment of 7Tune.. I hope you have as much fun reading this as I had writing this article!

More to come in the future! Signing out, Gene.

Words- Eugene Chan.

Photos- Eugene Chan.


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