On an exceptionally hot day in sunny Malaysia we were lucky enough to come face to face with a legend, The Mugen RR. A technically advanced mechanical marvel based on the FD2R Type R Civic of which is an already amazing car in its own respect, the latest civic type R is similar to that of a katana, precise and very competitive and the RR is like that same katana, only sharpened  and even more competitive. Mugen are specialist tuners who base their expertise on Hondas, and are notorious for creating masterpieces that makes racetracks look like childsplay, and with only 300 units of the RR ever created and only in red, makes it one of the most exclusive and one of the most mental cars on the market today.

Carbon Fiber and aluminum are the main materials chosen to create the RR, which is not only aesthetically appealing, but also allows the RR to weigh in at just 1250kg, just 10kgs less than the standard type R. However, with the aid of Mugen Camshafts, upgraded exhausts and ECU, and countless other Mugen performance parts, it accelerates harder and feels through corners more precisely than its pure white cousin, making this a moment of angels versus demons. Overall, Mugen has created a monster, completely eradicating the civic of its usual civilized nature.
Prices for all this jaw dropping performance are ¥4,777,500, which isnt cheap, but considering that it is under the spell and charms of Mugen sorcery and that it is a limited run of only 300 in the world, that is a reasonable price for an absolute collectible and all its legendary magic. Lap records for this car are solid proof that it is not to be trifled with, with times of just over a minute around Tsukuba circuit, this is truly a track machine that is barely road legal, which is what the “R” in type R is all about; and with the Mugen another R literally means it just took that Race machine status to a whole new high.
At first, i did not comprehend what all the hype on this car was all about; to me it was just another 4 door civic with some fancy CF bits and a sporty red colour scheme. Things however took a 180 degree turn when the owner of the car, Jacky; a friend of mine, asked one of his staff to take me and my colleague Kevin for a spin. The K20A that is capable of revving at an ear piercing 9000 rpms screaming down straights was mind blowing, and then came some corners, and to my surprise it just sliced through with such speed and accuracy, like a knife to jelly. The car really gives one a sense of security that this car is well inclined to its purpose of speed and carving corners with a carpenter’s level of precision, i was truly awestruck.

Jacky Ng is the owner of this RR of which is number 256 out of 300 in the world. He is also the owner of JC Racing, a workshop in Kuala Lumpur that specialises in Hondas, and entering them for races such as the Merdeka 1000km race at sepang with podium finishes; proof of their proficiency with tuning. With that being said, this explains his decision to buy the RR, a definite indespensable addition to an avid Honda fan’s stable.

Enough of me rambling on and on, lets have a closer look at this mental machine!
Here comes our ride!
The 7 spoke limited edition Mugen rims that comes with the RR, and Mugen only sells these to you only if you own a certified Mugen car.
Recaro SP-X bucket seats with Mugen stitching; another exclusive item that comes standard.
Wet Carbon for the frame of the seats, A truly sumptuous feast for the eyes.
Push this to unleash the fury!
Mugen has placed their badge all over the car, a symbol of how proud they are of their creation.
The interior, a matching fusion of red and black; the signature colours of the RR.
Rear Wing also cast in Carbon Fiber, can’t get enough of that stuff!
Simple essentials, Water temp, oil temp and oil pressure dials.
The legendary K20A that powers the RR, a 9000RPM screamer kitted with a GruppeM intake system.

Mugen RR Specs are as follows:

Engine: K20A In-line 4, N/A, 2.0 litre
Horsepower: 260whp/ 237bhp@ 8000rpm
Torque: 160lb ft @ 7000rpm
Top Speed: 150+ mph
Acceleration 0-60mph: 6.0 seconds

Overall, the Mugen RR is definitely worthy of its legendary status, with the performance parts and tuning Mugen has packed into this “red hot” package, driving excitement and pleasure is guaranteed. We have come to the end of yet another exciting installment on 7tune, not everyday we come across legends such as these, and i hope you’ve enjoyed reading!

Words – Eugene Chan

Photos – Eugene Chan


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  1. As a DC2 owner i would love to get my hands on one of these some day. I fear ill have to settle for a normal FD2 

  2. the thing is, malaysian modders modified their stock civic to look like an RR in which its hard to distinguish between the fake and real one. 

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