FT-86 Up Close And Personal!

The FT-86 (Future Toyota 86), what can we say? If Toyota builds a car that is 90% of what we see here 7Tune will be one of the first in line! Follow the jump for 40+ new photos and some more specs.


Toyota have released some more up close and personal pics of their pride and joy and the detail and quality of the concept is stunning. The design team put the Toyota autoclave to use highlighting features with wet carbon.


Eagle-eyed fans would have noticed Fuji Speedway (owned by Toyota) showing in the dash cluster.


The gorgeous 19″ alloys are wrapped in Bridgestone Potenza 225/40 R19… We have our doubts whether the production version of the FT-86, a rumored $25k car, will roll on 19″ wheels which is a slight concern because anything smaller simply wont fill those guards.


The hood is an absolute work of art.



A secret message on the pedals?


Almost retro design for the door skins, reminds us a bit of a Nintendo NES.


After looking at these pics for the best part of an hour, I really do feel like I am looking at an AE86. They have taken the lines, soul, and concept behind the AE86, thrown it in a blender with a 2011 calendar and this is the result.


Toyota have provided us with a little more info:

FT-86 Concept (world premiere)
The FT-86 (“86” pronounced “hachi roku”), a compact rear-wheel-drive sports car, provides driving joy and excitement.

  • Compact design gives driver greater control, while body’s lightness and low center of gravity allow racecar-like handling
  • Both power and environmental performance provided by 2-liter boxer engine and light body
  • Flash Red body color contains hint of blue; interior expresses modern feel with minimal coverage of the highly refined structural components evoking enthusiasm for cruising
Vehicle Length Width Height Wheelbase Seating
FT-86 Concept 4,160 mm 1,760 mm 1,260 mm 2,570 mm 4

While not exact, they do come close to the Legacy specs we reported on not long ago.

About the brakes:


ADVICS is a brake system development and marketing company founded jointly in 2001 by AISIN SEIKI Co., Ltd., DENSO Corporation, Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. and Toyota Motor Corporation so it comes as no surprise that ADVICS would be called upon to design and manufacture the braking system for the FT-86 Concept. Whether or not the brake system in whole or part is carried over to the production model remains to be seen so let’s hope that the cost cutting bug doesn’t extend to downgrading the 4-pot calipers to something more suitable for a FWD econobox.

It’s a great time for the sports car enthusiast, we’re seeing the concept and birth of some legendary cars that are so long overdue!

Check out the gallery below for hi-res photos.

Thanks for the tip Leo!

Photos: Toyota / Car@Nifty
Words: Steven Neumann / Justin Karow

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35 thoughts on “FT-86 Up Close And Personal!”

  1. Any word on what the pricing will be at this point?

    This car has got to be over the 2,000,000 Yen range they were originally shooting for.

  2. Wow, fantastic details, I love the look of the side mirrors, still the car has to get the 2.5 liter engine with massive hp, any words about when the Subaru version will come out? Are the two cars gonna share the markets, or they will sell both worldwide?

  3. I cant wait to get on the waiting list for this! I hope most of the exterior stays but i know the almost all of interior will be changed. Thank you Mr.Toyoda for the new design movement in Toyota!

  4. love the design and actually everything about the car specially the rims, the brakes look amazing and the car as a whole looks menacing. Would love to see it in Black…

  5. Fantastic gallery… Still no mention of the see-tru “A” pillars in any of the forums… that is one of my favorite features… the slot opening goes with the slots in the mirrors, steering wheel spoke, and the ones along the front fenders… it is a much simpler approach than the criss-cross ones used on the concept for the Volvo C30.

  6. Just Another Indian Telemarketer.

    Good move removing the 7tune watermarks 🙂

    I don’t want to see this website go down for something so minor.

    Keep up the good work.

  7. Wow there’s just so much information to process. It’s like your birthday where everyone brings you all the greatest gifts, you just don’t know which one you love more.

    I admit though, I have my eyes on those ADVICS brakes. Not sure if projector headlights will make it into final production but kudos if it does. Akio Toyoda…you are the Goshn of Toyota.

  8. Danny: Ok we’ll see, but if you get one first then please allow us a test drive and photoshoot. 😉

    By the way, a few have asked about the zippers on the dash and doors. Apparently Toyota want to bring the idea of “a strengthened body that is covered with minimal sheetmetal” into the cabin by means of the (what looks like) a removable covering on the dash. The zippers supposedly bring this to the occupants attention. I dare say if you removed the cover it’d show some of the wiring etc underneath so it kind of makes sense… maybe.

  9. I think for me, the best thing about this car is the fact that it is a traditional clutch and manual H pattern configuration. That is at least going some of the way towards getting back to the basics.

    Who shot this car anyways and is it available for viewing now or do I have to wait until the TMS?

  10. This car really is wrecked by a sub-standard engine.

    There, I said it !

    The only reason Subaru are collaborating, are for the theft of variable valve and direct injection technologies being adapted to the substandard N/A boxer engines, in order to give their boat anchor life.

    As an example, the 4th generation 3S-GE (BEAMS) red-top, first built in 1997 puts out the same power as the worked EJ20 they plan to put into this!

    The black top manages 207bhp, 154kW, 210PS from a platform first seen in 1998!

    The most powerful EJ20 is out of the 1999 Impreza JDM GF series with 155hp, 116kW, and that’s with Subaru’s attempt at variable valve technology, AVCS!
    Even with it’s shorter stroke, it is incapable of high engine revolutions, reliably and needs to be forced fed to make power.

    If the black-top BEAMS was improved to include direct injection, quad throttle bodies and 20 valve head, it would most likely meet future emissions requirements, be more economical, put out power figures in the tens above the antiquated boxer engine, and when you consider the bore and stroke is 86mm, it even suggests, by it’s very design numbers, it belongs in this engine bay!

    I love the concept, beyond that of the current proposed engine package.
    I’ve seen the hesitation towards the project in Toyota enthusiast circles, due to that very reason, the heart and soul is not Toyota heritage and is an outdated and underpowered option, compared to Toyota stable options!

  11. borked, the 3S-GE is old tech there’s no way Toyota would waste time upgrading it rather than use a newer design like a 2.0 version of the AR.

  12. I was releaved when I saw the prototype pics the other day. The Best Car artist renderings had been kind of hit or miss. I still want to see what subaru comes up with and if there’s a factory turbo option but I’m happy with the toyota option so far. It’s never a bad thing to have too many options when it comes to your next car. Right now this is at the top of my list.

  13. yo, im from cyprus and cant wait for the release of the new hachiroku. one question that must be on all of our minds. 160-200hp is certainly not enough for me. will we have to wait for ft86 parts to come out or will any ej20 aftermarket parts, of which there are plenty ou there do? if so, are the limits of the toyota ej20 and impreza ej20 the same and parts interchangable?

  14. do we still need 4 seater in this FT-86? sooner or later most of owner will remove it… still i like to see the full details insode and outside… bare it all, toyota… look gorgeous…

    it is a good choice for mid-20s to use this car for commute to work? for sure i’m not selling tofu…

  15. I like the design and all, but I still not see my beloved AE86 there… Is it just me?

    Only thing I see from my AE86 is the rear wheel drive. Period.

  16. This car is sweeeeet + sexy. I’d have loved more natural ponies under the hood though. The interior I dont believe will be exactly like that, love the pedals & the colour co-ordination though. I also like the fact that ITS A MANUAL, yaayyy.

    On another note, re the whole 3S thing. That engine was worthy but production ceased, it would have possibly been expensive to restart production as opposed to use what’s available. Toyota doesnt currently have a 2.0L engine (in production)that would be powerful enough & light enough. The 3S is cast iron yow, that pronounces HEAVY.
    Thats my $0.02

  17. i’m not a fan of the rx-celica body but still intrigued. i’ll wait until they’ve been around for a couple of years or more and get one used. aftermarket support will have increased by then.

    imo ford did THE BEST JOB in bringing the classic mustang body to the 21st century. wish toyota could have done the same w/ the new “86”. oh well. it is what it is. $30k is too much for my blood.

  18. Curious on final pricetag as well. Might be NEAR $30k (USD) fully equipped but $30k is Z territory. Probably $22k-$26k range.

  19. I’m already saving….

    If they don’t make it I’ll just spend the cash on building an old Zenki Levin *cheesy grin*

  20. Holy cow Justin, those pictures are really great!! Even better than what I’ve seen so far. By the way, the “gt” nickname in the other FT-86 was me lol. Anyways, those pictures are really awesome…

  21. If that’s what the zippers would be used for, hurrah. Would probably make it easier to upgrade the sound system. 🙂

  22. It would be a dream come true if all these were to go into production. Look at those rims! How many rims are there out there that has CF on them?

    I’m simply in love with the interior especially the dvd player that is zipped up in leather. And the meter cluster and the shift knob.. I so want all these to go into production!

    But honestly, there’s a hint of the RX8 in there with those bulging fenders.

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