Ginza Tanaka Platinum Nissan Fairlady Z 432 Mini Car

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To celebrate Tomica’s 40th anniversary, jeweller Ginza Tanaka has produced a platinum version of one of Tomica’s first cars from 1970.


Tomica is celebrating its 40th anniversary and the highlight would have to be Ginza Tanaka’s 100% platinum version of a Nissan Fairlady Z 432, a recreation of one of the original 6 models to be put on the market by Tomica in 1970. The car is entirely platinum, right down to the wheels and tires which have been reproduced in exact detail. Just like most of the cars Tomica has produced, the platinum Fairlady Z 432 has opening doors and wheels that spin. Why was the Nissan Fairlady Z 432 chosen? It just so happens that the Z car celebrated its 40th anniversary towards the end of last year so it was an easy and obvious choice for Ginza Tanaka and Tomica. To make the model even more unique, Ginza Tanaka have also reproduced the box in platinum too! The whole process took about one month to complete with many hours spent just polishing the metal to get its brilliant lustre. This isn’t the only platinum toy masterpiece Ginza Tanaka has produced, there’s a platinum fixed Gandam figure and also a 30th anniversary platinum Hello Kitty

How much for this handcrafted piece of precious metal? It’s actually not for sale but its estimated worth is 7,000,000 JPY (US$79,125).

The platinum Fairlady Z 432 will be shown at the 2010 Hong Kong International Jewellery Show on March 5th and after that the car can be seen in Japan at the Tomica Fair in Osaka at the ATC Hall from April 23rd – May 5th.

Image: Takara Tomy

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  • celica-xx

    Lol for damn near $80K I’d want better door shut lines than that!

  • Group~A

    The door line is a bit rough, but nonetheless, ITS MADE OUT OF PLATNIUM!!! Thats pretty hardcore.

  • Calster17

    As cool as it looks, for the price of it i think i’d get a real 240Z and keep the change!

  • Harrison

    For 80,000, I might as well get Hakosuka instead!

  • Ove H

    Nice! Love it!!! ;)

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