Global Export, Habikino City, Osaka


Tsukasa Matsumoto from Global Exports was kind enough to show me around their new warehouse today. Global Export (the export division of Global Auto) is now it’s own entity with the new warehouse facilities and separate office.

global_exportThe Garage is yet to have signage put up, I actually drove past it twice before realizing it was the place!


office_garageThe “office garage” with hoist for dismantling/reinstalling engines etc.


spare_partsSome of the spare parts collected to use on future cars if needed.

oneviaA lone S13 Onevia.

parts_carA BCNR33 GT-R parts car. It’s accident damaged so all valuable parts will be eventually stripped and installed on other cars.

gearboxSpare gearbox from the R33 GT-R parts car. (the engine from this car can be seen on the bottom shelf in the parts photo above.

r35_gtr_1A brand new R35 Nissan GT-R in stock. It had only 46kms on the odometer and plastic on the seats and interior.








main_garage_2Over at the main holding garage again.

full_stage_civic_racecarFull Stage Honda Civic Type R as seen at Round 2 of the Exedy 4 Hour Endurance race. Global Export have dealings with Full Stage and keep some of there cars here.

jza80_supraA dusty but tough JZA80 Supra.

stockGlobal Exports will continue to deal mainly with GT-Rs (R32, R33, R34) but essentially will sell any performance car to anyone.

fd_rx7_1A nice FD3S RX-7 out the front… probably the cleanest car there!





That’s all for this installment but I’ll have plenty more from Global Autos/Exports in the near future, Tsukasa has asked me to do a “Car of the Month” feature article on selected cars in order to give everyone a good close look at the cars with detailed specifications. They’ll be washed beforehand too!

Words: Justin Karow

Images: Justin Karow

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