“I saw the Toyota 086A”

An insider at Toyota R&D has finally spilt the beans and revealed that the upcoming Toyota compact sports car, codenamed 086A, will offer lines not unlike the current Lexus LF-A prototype as seen at the recent Nürburgring 24 Hour endurance race.


The Toyota insider has apparently been sitting on this information for quite some time and has only now decided to come forward with it after seeing conflicting information in the Japanese press about two different body styles being tested. The insider claims he has seen the 086A and is adamant that only one body style will be offered and that body style will differ only very slightly between the Toyota and Subaru versions, such as the front grille, head/tail light treatment and badges. When the insider was asked about the appearance of the JDM 086A, he clearly pointed out that it will be lower and wider than the old JDM ZZT231 Celica and will have an “orthodox 2+2 coupe style, with a silhouette resembling the Lexus LF-A”. The renders above show what the 086A could look like with lines similar to the LF-A.

Toyota/Subaru Compact FR 086A Specifications
Engine EJ20 Direct Injection Gasoline 4 Cylinder
Capacity 1994cc
Power 200PS
Torque 20.0kg/m
Transmission 6-Speed Manual
Wheelbase 2470mm
Total Length 4200mm
Total Width 1750mm
Total Height 1300mm
Weight 1200kg
Cost 2,000,000 JPY


Toyota is also battling to keep the price of the 086A to 2 million yen despite rumors that the price would break the 2.5 million yen mark. The 2 million yen price barrier is crucial to the 086A’s success and every step is being taken to meet the original target pricing. The insider went on to add that a Subaru STi version of the 086A is also being considered! With no mention of any TRD involvement yet, the insider said we could be certain that an STi model would be offered regardless of whether Toyota had plans to produce a modified TRD version or not. Apparently Subaru are very keen to capitalize on the presence of a true RWD sports car in its line up.

As a side note, apparently the 086A was first spotted at the Nürburgring back in 2005! What most sources at the time claimed was a Lexus “IS500” prototype (or the next generation Lexus SC), we are now told it was actually the first incarnation of the 086A. The insider tells us that  the prototype was running a V6 and at the time Toyota was only experimenting with the concept of a cheap, entry level FR sports car.

Words: Justin Karow
Images: Holiday Auto/Lehmann Photo-Syndication

19 thoughts on ““I saw the Toyota 086A””

  1. I can’t wait to see the real prototype of the AE-86, although I wish the new version would look more like the old Hachiroku which would be great in my opinion. I just hope that they won’t disappoint us when the final version is ready.

  2. yeh Im the same as 2L turbo, I want this car more than the lf-a defintely. the lf-a is gonna be $200,000 or something..

  3. Very inna-resting…

    We’re going to need more info in addition to what the source “claims”. Although there is evidence that the Crown has been chopped and welded in order to accommodate the shorter wheelbase, it’s my personal opinion that it resembles the IS line more than a RWD coupe. I’m going to stick with the original story that that Crown was used as the IS-F mule rather than an 086A incarnate. The white legacy mule better suits the 086A incarnate.

  4. Its not an 86 if it has a subaru badge!
    At least they are trying. It shoudl have been a retro looking car and not pay homage to some gay lexus

  5. K’: The original story that went along with the Nurburgring spy shots has a few errors, it’s safe to say that their speculation is no more reliable than what the “insider” has mentioned. The 2005 Toyota Crown test mule was a Crown Athlete (not a Crown Royal as stated at the time) and as such a stock Crown Athletes wheelbase is 2850mm. Looking at the photo it does look like about 380mm has been sliced from it to bring it into line with what we’ve been told about the 086A. Remember this is before Subaru had any involvement and Toyota were testing the concept of a compact FR coupe only and as such has changed its focus over time to what we know as the 086A now.

    Also the Crown Athlete’s biggest engine is a 3.5L V6 (not a V8), which coincides with the insiders story… but not knowing just how modified that test mule is means it’s anyones guess.

  6. I get what you’re saying, so Toyota had this planned all along…I wouldn’t be surprised if that particular test mule was used as a basis for multiple platforms as well. Then again it’s all up in the air just as you say. At any rate, I’m not doubting the validity of your source as I tend to take everything with a grain of salt until the info adds up, I’m just asking for more is all. Hopefully in a next few weeks we’ll be given just that.

    Although I DO agree that there probably won’t be any large discrepancies between the two brands as we all know how Toyota rebadges their cars *cough*Matrix/Vibe, Corolla/Prizm*cough*

  7. let me guess

    just see the place of the emble

    the pillars rear and front and even the rear lights

    and that ‘ll tell you 2 gueses

    the first one is the illustration is published by mistake as it is for toyobaru but the real it is LFA plus that design is for just 2
    not 2+2 as they said before

    the second is that the toyobaru ‘ll be the baby LFA

  8. Man, this is big news. What a scoop!

    The 086A looks fantastic and, at the price point suggested, should be quite competitive in the market. Nice job, Justin!

  9. just keep it simple = not expensive
    if they spent alot of money on the design of the car
    it would be more expensive and thats something that i dont think
    we want, just make it regular looking, with a great handling
    and performance(for its price) and RWD of course.

  10. SteveTX: Thanks 🙂

    Jurgen: I agree with you actually, just make it look like a sleeker coupe version of the Corolla Axio, but it seems Toyota – maybe at the behest of Subaru – have gone the more eye-catching route and it looks as though “mini LF-A” will be the final outcome… there’s still some way to go yet though so it could change once again.

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