Immaculate KP510 Bluebird Coupe Spotted

Locked up in a holding yard was this stunning KP510 Nissan Bluebird Coupe which I saw last night on my way to watch the summer fireworks in Kobe.Β It’s amazing what treasures will show up in Japan if you keep your eyes open!


There were thousands of people (mostly out of town) flocking to the shoreline around Kobe to watch the annual summer fireworks and usually we do our best to avoid it, we have an apartment pretty high up and get a good view from our balcony. This time though some relatives came to visit so it was off to battle the crowds and try and get a good vantage point. On the way there it was: taxi, motorcycle, bus, Subaru Justy Mime Alpha, taxi, bus, taxi, KP510 Nissan Bluebird Coupe, taxi… wait, stop, go back! Sure enough the Bluebird was in absolute immaculate condition and warranted a closer look in daylight the next day.


It is in a holding yard for a car auction company and being Sunday, it was all locked up with security cameras in full view. I was tempted to jump the fence but no, let’s do this properly and call the company to organize a photo shoot. From what I could see the KP510 has had an excellent restoration… either than or this thing has just rolled out of a museum somewhere! It just looks too good toΒ be sitting there under the summer sun in a holding yard.


I’ll be there again in the morning with bells on if the staff allow me to do a photo shoot! I wonder how much it’ll fetch at auction?

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Words/Images: Justin Karow

11 thoughts on “Immaculate KP510 Bluebird Coupe Spotted”

  1. Looks immaculate, are the chrome mudflaps original? they give a small glimpse of the under tray, which also looks fairly clean. An undercarriage shot would be cool if you don’t mind getting dirty (and get access) πŸ˜›

    Love the tail lights on the bluebird 510’s too, far more sleek than the ‘standard’ 510 lights.

  2. Not sure whether the mudflaps are original Judas, but if they are I wouldn’t be surprised, the whole car looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor.

    Does anyone know if the black rubber bits on the bumpers make it an early or late model? I’ve seen some other coupes with the rubber bits inserted in a chrome “surround” (sorry can’t describe it any other way) whereas these ones are a little bigger and without the chrome surrounding them.

  3. Banpei: I’ve tried zooming in on the pics I took (3872×2592) and I’m pretty sure it’s a retro looking brake light. Probably one of the few non-original parts on the car… we’ll find out tomorrow if we’re lucky.

  4. Justin: Did a little looking around, not sure if this applies to all variants of 510, quote –
    “The 73 model had heavy rubber overriders which replaced the earlier chrome and rubber ones, (although the 68-72 two door never came with factory overriders.) The rubber overriders were added to comply with the new bumper regulations that were starting to come into effect in the early 70’s. ”

    Banpei: I’m fairly sure it’s a brake light, although in the link you posted, is that an early design of current parking sensors? If so, that’s fairly awesome.

  5. I’m going to hazard a guess and say they’re referring to the 2 door sedan, I only noticed mention of P510/PL510 in his article although I’m sure a 510 enthusiast would be able to put us all straight πŸ˜€

  6. @Justin Karow: Thanks for checking! I was wondering about that because it looked quite similar in design, but I already thought it would rather be a brakelight…

    @Judas: it is indeed an early design of the current parking sensors. It has a couple of sensors in the bumper and the device under the rear window will warn the driver. Probably a very expensive edition of the Carina for those salarymen who has to buy a car for his wife and daughter and doesn’t trust their driving skills. πŸ˜‰

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