Internet Points – Who are you tuning for?

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The internet. 1.73 billion people use it. 90 trillion emails are sent in a year, averaging to about 247 billion emails a day. 234 million websites as of 2009. There are 126 million blogs. 27.3 million tweets on Twitter a day. 1 billion video views on Youtube a day. Stars are made within minutes, stars are forgotten within seconds. Personalities are presented. Characters are created. Fame is found.

It’s why sites like Myspace, Facebook, Youtube and Tumblr have taken off. We all want our opinions heard. We all seek some sort of recognition. We all crave an audience.

The internet - the people behind the points

Inevitably this attitude follows on into car culture. To some extent we want people to respect us, as Jay-Z says in numerous songs. This respect on the internet is found in the gaining of internet points, which is the earning of respect and kudos by people online.┬áThe temptation to build a car that scores internet points is strong. It’s ever present. For some the chasing of dyno figures, the ultimate stance, the craziest bodykit or the most customised car is purely to score internet points. The recognition by others of achieving the tuning holy grail.

Dyno figure chart

But are those the aims that you really want? If yes, then you’ve built a car for your own enjoyment and you are a happy person. You strove to achieve something in your vision and you love every step of the way.

But if no, then you’ve built a car that you will eventually loathe and feel disconnected from. You loathe driving it and are only kept alive because of the thought that it would earn you “the first” or “the fastest” moniker. You have built a car for other people’s enjoyment and act as a caretaker to it instead of the owner of it. Your identity is not reflected in the car you built. You never desired huge horsepower, yet the car in front of you has a massive T88. You never seeked after that wild GT wing, yet it sits on the car in vain glory for all to see. You love high revving NA engines, yet you built a twin turbo-charged drag monster.

Suzuki Sport GT Wing

I implore you, go out and build a car that YOU will enjoy. Do not be a slave to the internet. Do not seek internet points. Figure out what you want first before seeking advice. That’s not to say that you should ignore advice, but rather when listening to advice from others; you should always keep your own wants in your head.

After all, at the end of the day you are spending your own money and time. You alone are responsible for the car. You alone will drive the car. And you alone will enjoy the car.

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