IS-F Evolution Pricing Revealed

April 21, 2009 by  
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New rumors that the GT Killer IS-F from Lexus is out and about being tested have sprung up.  Sources in the know say that at a recent test drive event put on by the maker, the IS-F was rapidly drawing closer to production and has been slated for a summer 2010 release.


Reports from participants on the day have confirmed previous reports of the car having undergone serious ‘carobonization’ and weight reduction all around. Focus has not changed much either with previous reports of the new body losing 140kg all round and dropping to a total weight of 1550kg still holding true. All other specs such as the 423ps V8, carbon brakes, carbon interior and updated front/rear+blistered fenders have also been confirmed. The big news is that the car will now only be limited to a special production run of just 500 units worldwide! Numbers for countries have yet to be decided but as with most Japanese makers, Japan will likely receive the lions share. The other big news? Lexus has apparently agreed upon and finalized the price. Don’t hold your breath, but the IS-F will come in at US$250,000, a cool $50,000 higher than first expected. Look out for this carbon monster next Summer or possibly Nuburgring in the not too distant future!

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  • whodaGT-R

    wow thats alot of money for a family car.. that prices it higher than alot of the EURO sports cars.. i know who i’d make my cheque out too!

  • Matt

    Only 500? For that money I’m sure it’s high enough number.

  • asad

    for this price i would be a s65 amg german car not rubbish in front of mercedes lexus no body will buy for that price

  • STJ

    Don’t worry people will but it not every body wants a stupid mercedes.

  • LonePhantom

    Probably a bit overpriced, but I’m sure it will be an amazing car. It will be a hard sell overseas when it’s priced in the same market as high-end Mercedes Benz, BMWs, and Audis.

  • Peter Horniak

    While it might be a hard sell overseas, I’m sure that this limited run will be snapped up pretty quickly over here. The Japanese love limited edition items and the more limited and expensive the more sought after.


  • Justin Karow

    Exactly Peter, although the IS-F Evo will be a bit hard to swallow for overseas buyers, in Japan I can definitely see people giving up their Mercedes/BMWs etc for a real exclusive domestic hi-po sedan… especially one with carbon everywhere. :)

  • whodaGT-R

    ahhh i guess its safe to say at 500 units they will clear them $125,000,000 would go along way in the current economic crisis.

    Peter, what does this go up against in terms of locally delivered JDM cars?

  • Lex

    Same price as a Lambo, it better have performance specs to match.

  • Craig

    For $250,000 I hope they’ve cured the 8-speed automatic’s constant indecision about what gear it wants to be in.

  • Peter Horniak


    At 250,000 big ones there isn’t much in it’s way. Dare I say anyone that is spending that kind of cash would probably be looking at a Euro? I think Lexus will be going head to head with the Germans and Europeans on this one, more than any other Japanese maker.

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