Japanese ‘Junk Cars’

“Hero cars in the grass…”  


Heres a fascinating site if you’re interested in a bit of Japanese automotive history, but it’s a little sad too. Not so much because of the amount of rusting metal there is lying around, but more for the abandoned classic cars that, for some people at least, no longer have any worth.

Due to the procedure involved with disposing of disused cars (many owners are unaware of who should pay the recycling cost), sometimes it’s favourable to abandon them and just walk away, leaving it there for the City Office to clean up at their expense. Often no action will be taken until the problem gets out of hand or the community complains. So in some areas of Japan you can see cars without wheels and tires, just rusting there on the side of the street, often stuffed full with other assorted junk that no one wants. Other times cars are left on private land, sometimes for decades, and in these places some real classics can be found.

This is a whole motorcycle shop yard full of rotting 70’s vintage stock (some sought after cars in here!): 

Text: Justin Karow


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