Let’s Make A Cool Prius.

カッコイイプリウス作ろう。 That’s what more than a few aero parts manufacturers in Japan are saying with the current ZVW30 Toyota Prius, and while many out there might not think the Prius is worthy of any modification at all, some surprisingly cool examples have shown up recently.

We first stumbled upon some modified 2nd generation Priuses at the Super Auto Collection at Sunshine Wharf  in Kobe mid-last year. At the time the 2nd generation ZVW20 was the current model and a couple of examples were standouts not least because someone actually stopped for a moment and said out loud, “My Prius needs airbags and a big dollar audio install just like these two badboys.” Can a Prius actually be cool? If a Prius was adequately modified in a certain way, would any thoughts of hybrid technology slowly shrinking your manhood disappear? Check out the examples below and decide for yourself!

Kenstyle Next ZVW30 Prius

One of the more “race inspired” body kits available for the ZVW30, the Kenstyle Next kit, like most kits for the 3rd generation Prius, uses a front half spoiler with additional uprights in the mouth of the bumper to good effect. More details here: http://www.kenstyle.co.jp/info2.php?id=222


M’z Speed Exclusive Zeus ZVW30 Prius

“The wheels make the car”, and in this case the Exclusive Zeus body kit is so subtle that it takes nothing away from the black/polished Julia Saviour 19″ alloys. Nevertheless when combined with lowered springs and black paint it gives the ZVW30 quite a unique look. More here: http://www.mzspeed.co.jp/zeus_aerodynamics/GLMRS%20LINE/PRIUS(ZVW30)/PRIUS.htm



Rando “Ranjin” (Rebel) Black Edition and Rando Style Prius

Quad exhausts on a Prius? Yep! When you’re packing about 7 feet of SUS304 TIG welded titanium awesomeness  underneath your ZVW30, the last thing you want to do is conceal it from other Prius owners. The Rando Ranjin Black Edition is another subtle kit for the Prius but it has some interesting features such as the upright LEDs on either side of the driving lights on the front bumper and a careful design resulting in a kit that is only 10 – 30mm lower than standard dimensions. The silver Rando Style Prius was designed to be offered by dealerships as an option and hence most subtle of the two. It’s a true bolt-on body kit that  can be installed with minimal work to the standard bumpers. More info here: http://www.aero-tech.co.jp/garage-file/bk_zvw30_prius.html    http://www.aero-tech.co.jp/garage-file/R_zvw30_prius.html






Junction Produce ZVW30 Prius

Junction Produce went for a more rounded and integrated body kit for the ZVW30 and the end result brings the Prius in line with Junction Produce’s kits for other cars like the S-Class Benz and Lexus LS, in what JP calls “Our number 1 VIP style hybrid.” As a very obvious middle finger salute to Rando, JP made sure their classy body enhancements were completely devoid of any exhaust tips whatsoever. See here for more info: http://www.jp-boutique.jp/product/aero/PRIUS/prius.htm



AMS “Terra” ZVW30 Toyota Prius

AMS (Active Motoring Style) really do have their own style when it comes to body kits and their latest Terra line now includes a kit for the ZVW30. While the kit consists of “half spoilers” like the rest of the examples shown here, AMS’s Terra line uses the car’s grille as a center piece and makes a big impact on the frontal styling. Like or hate the bullnose appearance of the Type-A front grille, you’ve got to admit that it (in combination with the “Eyeline Garnish”) creates quite a distinctive look. More here: http://www.a-m-s.gr.jp/shopping/aero_parts/AMSTOYTERRA.htm





To give you an idea of how restrained the design of the Terra ZVW30 is, check out their NHW10 (1st generation) Prius Terra complete body styling solution below…



Our pick? If we absolutely had to have a Prius as a daily driver it’d have to wear the Rando Ranjin Black Edition kit and some Blitz BRW Profile 08 alloys in black matt blue. With quad tailpipes of course.

Words: Justin Karow
Images: Kenstyle, M’z Speed, Rando, Junction Produce, AMS

8 thoughts on “Let’s Make A Cool Prius.”

  1. @ Adam, it’s likely any guy into performance cars would say that 😆

    The M’z speed exclusive Prius looks strangely cool though. I’d usually point and laugh at those wheels but it’s weird they kind of suit in this situation.

  2. There are some seriously cool Prius’s (or is it Priui? :lol:). The new generation really is quite a good looking car, and it looks like many manufacturers have had a good time building great kits for the shape.

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