Lexus LF-A Renamed: LF-L

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A few weeks ago we heard about a possible name change for the Lexus LF-A but it was more of a total name change to indicate the cars power output and “super sports” moniker (SS550). Holiday Auto go on the record to claim that the new Lexus supercar will be simply named “LF-L”.


We’re told by Holiday Auto (HA) that the last letter of LF-A will be changed to “L” to signify its appearance at Le Mans next year and to draw on its pre-production racing development. Also, there will be no numbers to signify the engines output or displacement as some sources were led to believe. We’re told that this information has been leaked ahead of the Tokyo Motor Show in October specifically to generate hype among long time followers of the LF-L. Not convinced? With the amount of changes the LF-A/L has gone through in recent times it seems anything is possible in the lead up to October. As far as the engine and driveline are concerned there isn’t anything new, the LF-L is still expected to debut with the 4.8L “1LR-GEU” V10 with rear mounted transaxle and sequential six-speed gearbox.


HA has also put together a diagram to show what functions the controls on and around the steering wheel will have. Apparently the ASG (Automated Sequential Gearbox) will have four modes, Auto, Normal, Sport and Wet, and will be capable of making shifts via Formula 1 style paddles in 0.2 seconds when in Sport mode. While the ASG is in auto mode one bank of cylinders will shut down when at idle and in light throttle situations to conserve fuel. With four modes to choose from, HA say the LF-L will “adapt” to almost all driving conditions, from circuit work to stop-start inner city driving. The VDIM (Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management), launch control and rear wing angle are all subjected to different settings depending on the mode selected.

The total production number remains at 500 with 120 – 150 units bound for the Japanese market and the asking price is still expected to be around 22,000,000 JPY.

Words: Justin Karow
Images: Holiday Auto

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  • Stingray

    SS550 sounds better, but then again Chevy could claim the name SS the rendering looks good but it’s just a bit overdone.

  • i don’t know

    consider they are going into that famous 24-hours racing, simple changing name bring big expectations. i’m looking forward to next news about LF-L,
    by the way, since the steering design has been leak out (it been detailed out, right?), the engine cylinder has seen the day, so, i’m kind of curious about the overall spec. is there any confirmation on that part? it’s supposed to use V10 engine. man, hope it’s worth the talk/saga that has been circulate before,
    bring it out, lexus…

  • Stingray

    How about a LM-LF nameplate? Still I can’t wait to hear Jeremy Clarkson’s comments about that complicated steering wheel. And only 500 cars are not enough, is Lexus losing money on this car or what?

  • K’

    I love that steering wheel. It fits the the car’s general design. They should release some news on the suspension setup, the pictures from a few months ago during the accident weren’t clear enough, plus they could have possibly changed a few things.

  • SteveTX

    That’s strange, the article I saw had Lexus calling the car the “Lexus LeMans Code Ultra Lightweight Jalopy” otherwise known as the “L.L.C.U.L.J.”.

  • Judas

    Love the ducted rear guards on this, that steering wheel would probably confuse me though…

    [email protected], hopefully it’ll be something of a phenomenon…

  • Jorge Canovas

    Does anybody see an S15 in the prototype photo?

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