Lexus SC430 Production Ends July

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Some people might be sad to see it go, some not, but Lexus are bringing SC430 production to an end this July and are offering a special edition to spark interest in the outgoing model.


Lexus’ heavyweight hardtop convertible was never going to set the performance car world on fire but up until recently it was the only model offered by Toyota Motor Co. that could boast 2 doors, RWD and eight (or more) cylinders. On paper it looked good, but in reality the car as a whole didn’t pull off its “sports coupe” designation Toyota gave it in the Japanese market. Nevertheless it was chosen as the replacement car after the long running JZA80 Supra was retired from Super GT competition and has since gained a loyal following among motorsports fans.



Production will end in July and Lexus has planned to produce 200 special edition models named “The Eternal Jewel” and will be available from March 1. The special edition won’t receive any enhanced performance parts so the car will retain its standard 3UZ-FE 4.3L V8 mated to a 6 Super ECT (Super Intelligent 6-speed Automatic) transmission. The Eternal Jewel will be able to be ordered with two-tone colors for the exterior and interior in 14 different combinations with colors such as “Saddle Tan”, “Noble Red”, “Camel” and “Ecru”. A commemorative plate  with “The Eternal Jewel” engraved on it will also be added to the gear shift surround. The Eternal Jewel edition SC430 will sell for 7,500,000 JPY.

Images: Toyota Motor Co.

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  • STJ

    Will there be a new SC?

  • Hellibut

    Damn! Thats like 80k U.S.!

  • Steve

    Hellibut: Thats nothing, by the time it ever drives on Australian roads it will be $150k+

  • Stingray

    The Eternal Jewel, that’s a bit to dramatic and kinda deep. I am kinda sad to see this car go, I like it, it didn’t had the best looks but it was an important link in the Lexus evolution chain.
    Now, I don’t know if they will make a new one, I’ve sent an email to Lexus yesterday and the the answer was rather evasive. See for yourself: “Thank you for contacting Lexus Customer Satisfaction. We are dedicated to providing superior service.

    We appreciate your interest in the Lexus SC!

    We apologize; we do not currently have any announced plans to discontinue the SC at this time.

    We apologize; information on future models are currently unavailable. Lexus will release information such as styling, specifications, feature and options, closer to the launch date. We currently do not have a tentative release date.”

    Anyway, I don’t think that Lexus is willing to give up this market area, they need a new SC because it’s clear that neither the ISC or the LFA can’t replace the SC, but if they do produce a new SC, they need to make it perfect this time, the 3rd gen will have to feature a dedicated coupe and convertible models, no more silly hard top but a soft top for the convertible, a design that will speak for itself, adaptive sport suspension like the GS, and of course the F version, almost every Lexus model will need an F version if they plan to fight BMW’s M division and Merc’s AMG, and let’s not forget about Cadillac’s V Series.

  • celica-xx

    Well well… I was only just searching for hires pics of the SC430 Super GT car today. It’s kind of hard to imagine that after such a long time running the same old models from the mid-nineties like the JZA80 and NSX that now the SC430 is the oldest one (I know Amemiya still run the FD RX-7 but I’m talking about GT500). ANyway yeah, bring on the LFA :)

  • celica-xx

    @ Stingray, you’ll never get a straight answer from Lexus PR dept. Been there, done that :p

  • Stingray

    Yeah, I know, Toyota give answers like that too, I guess they need someone like Bob Lutz there, because Bob is confirming the exciting cars GM will make even with one year or more before they are ready. That’s what you have to do to keep your fans close and keep them waiting full of excitement.

  • K’

    Can’t say I’ll miss the car’s styling, although it’s predecessors were definitely worth crying over. It’s funny because my girlfriend owns its Toyota counterpart and it’s much more roomy in the back than the Lexus was, although not nearly as luxurious.

    It does have a FINE V8 worth mentioning. It’s funny because we were polling on a forum I belong to about Toyota’s best engines, nearly everyone voted the power hungry 2jz or high revving 2zz, but only a handful of people remembered the mighty 3uz. Given the choice for a swap, a 3uz is definitely a contender over a turbocharged iron block 2jz.

  • Vraiu

    This saddens me a bit. As a JZZ31 driver, I constantly think that my car is at its last generation. Just like the Supra, Silvia, MR-2 and such, but I keep forgetting about the SC430 and how it’s still a Soarer. Apart from its hefty price and odd looks, I still say people shouldn’t overlook the cars potential. I mean hey, it’s a coupe, it’s RWD, and it has a V8. If only it was styled aggressive, had a 2GR-FSE mounted to a 6spd manual gearbox, and was just a Toyota and not an expensive Lexus… Oh well, farewell.

  • Todd

    The SC430 is emblematic of everything wrong with Toyota — boring, slow, characterless. It’s even more tragic when compared to the breakthrough model (JZZ30/Soarer/SC300) that it replaced.

    Its passing won’t be lamented. In fact, I doubt anyone will remember this model even existed in 10 years.

    Hopefully, the retirement of the pedestrian SC430 and the release of the wild child FT86 will usher in a new era (a la 1985 – 1995) of exciting Toyotas. This company really needs to get its mojo back or it will truly become the next GM (in all the worst ways).

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