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Are you a fan of the series ”24″ and would like to have Jack Bauer (or Chloe O’Brian) tell you when a speed camera is coming up so you can slow down? Well Maruhachi Japan have answered one or two prayers with their CTU Series of 24 branded GPS radar detectors.


A themed radar detector? That’s right, in Japan radar detectors are readily available in every auto shop (and even some department stores) and the market is quite saturated with brands like Yupiteru selling detectors in every conceivable shape and size. Electronics manufacturer Maruhachi have come up with a slightly different approach by making their detector round like an aftermarket boost or temp gauge and and using some good old TV merchandising to appeal to fans of the show.


24 is very popular in Japan and has a fairly large following so it was only a matter of time before  radar detector manufacturers would experiment with merchandising the show… right? The usual beeps can be changed to Jack Bauer’s voice to alert you in real time to the presence of speed cameras but actually it’s a Japanese language voice over. When the unit is powered up it shows the opening video from the show and there’s even a “24 Cult Quiz” mode where 24 fans can answers questions asked by Jack and Chloe.

If that wasn’t enough, if you buy now you can receive a set of message sign boards (like the “baby on board” signs) featuring slogans like “Jack Bauer is on board working ” or “Chloe is on board giving support”! The 24 radar detector will go on sale on the 24th July at 49,350 JPY (US$510) but unfortunately is only available in Japan.

Words: Justin Karow
Images: Maruhachi Co.,Ltd

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  • dorichan

    haha its kind of like a toy. does keifer know about this??

  • importpunch

    So since its GPS I assume it only ‘detects’ permanent speed cameras? Unless it has a database which updates every few moments.

  • Justin Karow

    That’s right it uses a constantly updated database. The first update is free apparently..

  • James

    Only in Japan!

  • Justin Karow

    dorichan: Judging by the look on Keifer’s face in the advertizement I’d say he does… haha

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