Scoop – Mazda Roadster to get Hybrid Rotary?

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Best Car Japan have come out with the big news that Mazda is in deep development of a Hybrid Rotary powered Roadster for its 2012 lineup and that it is set to be smaller and lighter than its predecessor…


According to the popular magazine, Mazda is pondering whether to offer their newly developed Sky-G Hybrid Rotary Engine in a 1.2 liter ( commonly known as the 12A ) or 1.3 liter ( commonly known as the 13B ) engine capacity for their venerable Roadster.

This makes complete sense from an industry standpoint because Japan appears inexorably pulled toward a “Hybrid-Sports” movement that, in this writers opinion at least, looks likely to lose “less power” than the cars batteries do. And that’s the point.


Whether sports car owners the world over want, or will indeed accept, the concept of a Hybrid Sports car remains to be seen, but this isn’t stopping the relentless development the Japanese makers are making in ensuring it is a movement accepted whether we like it or not. The Toyota FT-86′s stalled development is a perfect example. The only plausible reason for the delay is that Toyota are now rethinking their position and are re-evaluating the FT-86′s “Hybridity”


Trust us when we say that being located in Tokyo Japan has afforded us a unique vantage point and that from this perspective, the newly created “Hybrid-Sports” segment for automobiles in Japan is only set to strengthen and intensify before anything else happens.

It needs to be mentioned that, according to sources, a traditional 2.0 liter inline 4 is also being considered for the Roadster as well.
Watch this space for more news as it comes to us.

Words: Adam Zillin

Images: 7tune

Source: Best Car Japan

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  • Stingray

    Well, at least this keeps the triangles spinning. :-)

  • 7Shades

    I seem to recall Mazda toying with the idea of a Hydrogen fuelled rotary some time ago… I wonder what became of that?

  • i don’t know

    i don’t think i’ll ever buy the hydrogen fueled car yet, since i don’t remember saw petrol station in my country has hydrogen pump…

    however, this broaden my choices for new car, might as well wait a little bit…

    so, will 2.0 liter also has a rotary engine? don’t let me be in conflict… if there is 2.0 inline 4 and 2.0 hybrid, i will try to go for hybrid, just to see what the different…

  • Hokuto

    Best Car article, there are many false information.

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