You’ve waited a long time for these decals but now 7tune has them in stock and we are ready to ship to anywhere in the world!

At the moment I have 2 choices available in stock. Both are vinyl cut and made from top quality materials from a supplier and manufacturer in Japan.


PAYPAL ONLY! ===> PAYMENTS TO [email protected]

The “7 Ball” is the iconic emblem of the site and measures a full 10 centimeters in diameter. It will definitely get noticed! The yellow orange hue stands out nicely on almost any color of paint.

7tune is expanding and this is one the best ways to show your support.

Fusion Garage loves 7tune’s decals and both cars wear each type proudly.

They’re a perfect match!

D1 driver Naoto Suenaga’s 180SX Missile also wears our decals.

The number 7 is everybody’s lucky number!

A big thumbs up from one of the best drift drivers in the world.

The “” is 20cm long and 3.5cm high. The white and orange combination looks great on dark paint or any window.

Show your support for 7tune and wear these decals with pride. Get that 7 ball rolling!

**Prices**Each sticker is ¥600 each plus shipping or buy both for ¥1000 Yen and get free shipping!! Further discounts apply for orders of “5 stickers and above” purchases.

<<Please allow 3 working days for packet to ship.>>

Decal – 7Tune Ball
Decal –
BOTH Decals

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