More On The Prius-Based Hybird Sports Coupe

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As a direct competitor to Honda’s upcoming CR-Z, Toyota are developing a new hybrid sports car based on a shortened Prius platform and packing more power… but will it be named “MR-2″? 
2012_toyota_hybrid_sports_coupe Toyota is well on the way to making its entire line up hybrid powered by 2020 and this hybrid sports coupe is set to compete directly with Honda’s new CR-Z. The new Toyota hybrid coupe will be based on the Prius platform which apparently will have its length reduced by 100mm. This of course means that the 1.8L 2ZR-FXE engine and Hybrid Synergy Drive from the Prius will be carried over too, only the JDM 2ZR-FXE and hybrid system will be tuned to provide 136PS which is 37PS over standard. This increase in power will obviously affect fuel consumption, with the hybrid sports coupe returning 35.0km/L as opposed to the Prius’s 38.0km/L for the lightest L-grade version. The consumption figures are only speculation but it’s safe to say that this will be one very economical sports car.

Going head to head with the JDM Honda CR-Z means the new Toyota will of course be a 2-door, 2+2 seat configuration coupe. Sounds a lot like the highly anticipated “086A” compact FR sports car doesn’t it? It’s hard to say just how much the new hybrid sports coupe will encroach on the 086A’s market segment, but it goes without saying that both cars will appeal to totally different buyers. One thing our source was quick to note was about the interior of the new hybrid sports coupe. Apparently much of the interior of the Prius will be carried over to the new car; that’s not such a bad thing but it does seem like the cheap solution, especially if this car is to wear the MR-2 badge. The name of the new coupe is one thing that our source conveniently left out, instead preferring to leave that for a future update. The exterior on the other hand will be totally new, the images provided are a hint at what the hybrid sports coupe could look like.

The Prius-based hybrid sports coupe is expected to debut in mid-2012 and be priced from 220,000-330,000 JPY.

Words: Justin Karow
Image: The My Car

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  • Peter Horniak

    The front looks very similar to the FT-HS concept.. But will be interesting to watch this Eco game unfold between Toyota and Honda :)

  • Stingray

    Yeah,what’s the big idea Toyota? I knew that the FT-HS concept will become the new Supra.

  • N/Aontherun

    I like it and is that really the price?, but on another note. If this does take on teh MR-2 badge are we to get a hint that this car is a MR and not a FR?

    An MR-2 on a FR platform doesn’t suit its name. Might as well call it FR-2.

  • Justin Karow

    N/Aontherun: this car is based on the Prius… it’s front engine, front wheel drive!

  • Tiang

    Looks like a ZZT231 celica.

  • importpunch

    Looks pretty good, but they should stop trying to get everything hybrid.

  • i don’t know

    i have an idea, how about motoring company left alone those old badge sports car if all of you want to create a sport car based on hybrid? instead, create a new badge for them. if performance-wise is not on-par or better than the previous car which wear the same badge, it’s called devolution (meaning from a great prestige to a great shame).

    most of us will look to the badge rather than look at the performance when a new car come out. “Whoaaa, new MR-2 has been launch!!!”. rather than let customer down when they found out motoring companies use old great badge to sell car(no greatness genes from previous car by same badge) , it’s better to create new badge to show that they are confident about their hybrid engine. give us chance to evaluate your car on fair stance and we give fair compliment to car you bring to life.

    i, myself, won’t accept if those gtrs, mr2/s, supras, evos, wrxs, rx-s(mazda), and the likes to start to use hybrid engine. come on, is word “creativity” not in your vocabulary, TOYOTA?

  • SteveTX

    I don’t see how this thing will be called “MR” anything unless it’s “Mr. Refreshing Drive: The Car To Go Along With Your W-Grip Coffee” (of which a certain unnamed Australian will be the first to sing its praises, but I’m not naming names or anything).

  • Stingray

    @i don’t know: Dude, I’m conservative on many issues, but however I understand that a hybrid system on a car ain’t that bad, I mean it gives you a quicker acceleration and a better mpg. Public perception about hybrids it’s that they are ugly and slow like the last gen Prius, but they are evolving right now. If we wore conservative on transport issues we would still be riding horses and carriages.

  • K’

    Stingray: WELL SAID!

    Hybrid technology is in it’s INFANCY at best. We’re not even getting the tip of the iceberg. Unfortunately it’ll be a while until we start to see the true peak of hybrid technology. Don’t look at hybrid PERFORMANCE cars as the boring fuel savers you see on the road. Do a little research and you’ll actually see that hybrid cars are designed with a usable power band, meaning maximum power is available to you in the early to mid range of your rpms. We have sports cars that rev to infinity but that’s also where all the power is too. How many of you drive around at redline EVERYDAY in your daily lives? Hybrid cars run off of BOTH gasoline and electric engines. Electric engines are known for their high cranking power at startup, meaning lots of torque at early RPM (think an automotive starter). Combine that with the power of a high-revving gasoline/petrol engine and – you know, I’m starting to sound like a broken record.

    Either way, I like the design of this car. It’s very “cute” and sporty and I think Toyota is heading in the right direction pitting this directly with the CR-Z. Consider it a sub-entry level sports car right under the 086A. Maybe an increased wheelbase and an elongated nose or trunk and it can almost pass as a baby Supra.

    The age of affordable sports cars is dawning once again. In about a 10-15 year span you’ll see these pocket rockets roaming the streets like they used to in the early to mid-late 90′s.

  • Stingray

    Yep, just wait until Toyota will come and win at Le Mans with a hybrid car in 2010 and until Ferrari will make their first hybrid, then the public perception will change for sure.

  • Albert

    they should call it the celica.. looks more like one anyway

  • K’

    Exactly…well whenever Toyota wins Le Mans lol. Ferrari definitely has their eyes on Hybrid technology. They already have a car or two that can run on E85. Their plans to go hybrid are definitely going to happen, keep an eye on the next few auto shows this year, you might be surprised. Good or bad is up to you.

    This debate will probably go on for a while but inevitably it’s going to happen as well. There’s no stopping forward movement. For example I know MANY people don’t like the idea of the GT-R not having a foot-operated clutch, but the GT-R can shift faster than any human ever can and you all know that. It’s not that the GT-R comes in automatic trim or semi-auto trim. It’s still a FULL manual with clutches and flywheel, it’s just that it removes a few steps in driving a manual transmission to achieve maximum performance and reduce shift times and shift shock therefore negating any disruption in the car’s dynamics in between shifts.

    Just as I said before though, don’t look at hybrid technology as a boring environmentalist’s tool. Look at it as a forward step in sports car technology to enhance engine performance throughout the rev range. Fuel efficiency and reduced emissions is just a “side effect”, or rather an added bonus.

  • Scarlet Pimpernel

    MESSAGE TO EVERYONE: The replacement price for the avergage hybrid battery and programed computer alone can cost OVER $ 4,000 US dollars…. Figure that into your fifth year of ownership – it is NOT covered by the warranty. Hybrid technology is by a long term and well tested technology. We are the guinea pigs ! Mileage is good, but can you imagine going for a check up in your 4th year of ownership and be told that the battery and computer are dead and the prixe of the replavement parts are $ 4000 and the labour is $ 1800 plus tax ??? !!! What a bloody scam hybrids are….!

  • Scarlet Pimpernel

    one last thing: if the price of re battery can come down to $500 and it is easy to replace (within 15 minutes) and availability is around the world than its worth it.

  • Justin Karow

    Scarlet Pimpernel: With the improvement of battery tech and the increased uptake of hybrids (and EVs)the prices will come down… not sure how much but $500 for a clip-in replacement batt that anyone can do sounds good. Toyota are you reading this??? :)

  • Justin Karow

    K’: Good points on how hybrid tech isn’t just an “eco” issue but an overall step ahead in automobile tech. Don’t get me wrong, I love combustion engines and a part of me would hate to see them disappear, but as far as performance goes I don’t think HV or EV tech will disappoint as much as people think it will. Well not for cars like the FT-HS or new Honda super hybrid sports. (NSX?) I look forward to what Toyota, Honda etc come up with.

  • i don’t know

    well, many said hybrid engine evolve faster even person like me can’t plant a general idea about it. i do agree on that, there is talk also about hybrid give more quicker acceleration and mpg.

    i don’t mean to be negative about this issue, but do any motoring company that try to compare one hybrid car and another normal petrol head car? so far only honda bring out both engine for civic. the question is was the performance wise same for both car? for urban use, yeah, hybrid score is unbelievably good, for total comparison? for me rather than they announce that new nsx will use hybrid engine, it’s better they develop that engine until it run head to head with other petrol head engine. i mean for sure those ferrari, lambo, pagani, and many more take notice about hybrid tech, but even this year they still bring out those petrol gluttony engine. doesn’t this mean that they not sure whether hybrid engine is good enough to wear their badge, and continue to research until hybrid engine fulfill their expectation?

    in fact, i don’t mind hybrid engine at all, i mean for urban use it’s more than welcome. i also accept k-car because for me, it’s suitable for urban use. but k-car also has good performance wise since it’s power to weight ratio is good. do hybrid car is the same?

    how about we goes like this. the moment someone bring out hybrid engine for sports car using new badge and beat it’s class for good, i don’t mind those motoring company using old badge for their new hybrid sport car.

  • LonePhantom

    Well all I can say is if it looks somewhat like those renders, and can go from 0 – 100km/h in 8.5sec or less, and handles nicely then it could be a nice little eco-sports car.

  • i don’t know

    @ lonephantom : i beg to differ, evo X FQ400 got 403bhp and 0-62 is 3.8s

    shouldn’t sport car standard to improve by now? i hope they do beat that FQ400. maybe it’s a bit pricey, but it’s a sport car (more performance mean more money goes out of pocket). hope that toyota try something out of ordinary with their hybrid engine. this concept is on my watchlist…

  • Tantri

    Hmm ….. I would be interested in seeing the top of the line O86A come with the option of a Hybrid. With just a 2.0 litre engine and FR config, the Hybrid system could help get it really moving and make it more fun for those who can afford the extra cost of the Hybrid.

  • 4kBeast

    Really, $4,000 to replace a hybrid battery? We just looked up a replacement battery for 1st and 2nd gen Prius and they range from $2,100 to $2,400 here in the States.

    Besides that, in California emissions states you get a 10-year/150k mi warranty on the battery. Even if you aren’t in a California emissions state, you get a 8-year/100k mi warranty.

  • K’

    I know it’s a “sports car” and all, but I doubt this car was to be pitted with Evo-class cars. I mean they said it right there in plain Arial font print that “this hybrid sports coupe is set to compete directly with Honda’s new CR-Z.” I doubt the CR-Z can match or even come close to an Evo’s numbers so why is it even being referenced?

    4Kbeast: Thanks for the warranty info.

  • the big jennifer garner
  • No thanks…

    Oh sweet christ. I’m so done with this hybrid B.S. I’ll be burning petrol till I DIE!

    All gas no batteries, please and thank you.

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