New Honda NSX To Become “Super Hybrid Sports”

After rumors surfaced that the NSX project would be put on hold last December, we’re now told the new Honda flagship’s development is steaming ahead despite some big changes. 


We’ve been told the new NSX has been steadily progressing since the test car’s appearance at Nürburgring last year where it pulled off some promising lap times. Where things get tricky is that the project now seems to be more like an exercise in parts sharing to create what Honda calls “Super Hybrid Sports”. It’s been hinted that rumours of Honda scrapping the new NSX project turned out to be merely a slight direction change to accommodate a more environmentally friendly approach which, according to our sources, will be a direct answer to Toyota’s FT-HS hybrid sports car.


Readers with long memories might remember the 600PS 5.5L V10 that was slated to power the new NSX. Well with the direction change comes a new powerplant which is now expected to be the next generation “valveless throttle” 3.5L V6 coupled with a hybrid system (from the next-gen Legend/Acura RL) to produce around 450PS which would put it in line with the Toyota FT-HS. Honda hopes to beat Toyota in the fuel efficiency stakes so there might still be some work to do to overcome the expected weight deficit. The added weight of course will be due to the SH-AWD system which will be bolted to an aluminum platform and feature a rear transaxle just like the R35 Nissan GT-R. We’re told that this same platform, albeit made of steel, will provide the basis for the next Honda Legend/Acura RL. For the time being our source withheld any mention of a release date or pricing, also the change in direction for the NSX has obviously pushed back the previously expected 2010 debut.

So it seems that the next NSX will be somewhat of a diluted version of the car we reported on last year, unfortunately without the potentially GT-R slaying V10. It begs the question, is it better to have an eco-friendly super hybrid sports car, or nothing at all?

Words: Justin Karow
Images: Holiday Auto

29 thoughts on “New Honda NSX To Become “Super Hybrid Sports””

  1. The car from this rendering looks a bit outdated, and a V6 can be a good idea because GT-R – V6, next Supra-V6, a 450hp NSX willl be just what we need to have the war eye catching. Still a V10 supercar from Honda to fight cars like, Lambo, Ferrari, Porsche or Aston Martin, it’s a dream that will always live for us.

  2. That’s a silly question! Of course it’s better to have an eco-friendly SUPER hybrid sports car over nothing at all. I’ve kind of mentioned it in another article a few weeks ago but I’ll say it again anyway. I’m 100% for the move towards hybrid technology. Not because I’m a tree-hugging hippie, but because I see the potential in hybrid technology. Imagine how much torque these cars can pump out using a fraction of the fuel of today’s cars. Combine that with a gasoline engine’s ability to rev to amazing redlines and you get a car that hauls with a very large powerband. I believe ALL automakers should be stepping foot into the realm of hybrid (or something similar). It seems like a daunting task to do so but from what I’ve learned about technology and challenges in general is that the harder the task the more resilient the outcome.

    Enough about technology though, this NSX strongly resembles an S2000/RX-7/Corvette/Viper/LF-A. Which isn’t a bad thing, I’m all for the long nose-stumpy rear-sleek body look.

  3. this time, things seem to be a bit blurry for me… not known whether hybrid can match non-hybrid with the same power and torque… all we know, since nsx will be v6 hybrid, let’s see whether it can match with other v6s…

    by the way, (personal opinion) i’m not really convince with hybrid car… since if you want power, speed and control, you must accept to waste petrol (or become petrol head), can i really used those 450bhp with 50mpg petrol (that the purpose of hybrid, is it)? or do i really have to taste the same suffering like tesla owner (actually it contribute more to environment damaging when recharging)?

    and for today, the 2 last thing i want answers are
    1. how come it look like a muscle car?
    2. do nsx engine stay mid rear or move up to mid front like the rumor said?

  4. K’: Some people I know here in Japan (for example Fujii-san who own the red NSX feature car in the previous article) are totally against a hybrid NSX… and a V6 one at that. When the first-gen NSX came out it was a brilliant car but lacked power compared to other exotics. Now that Honda are developing the new car, at least a few people would rather the NSX name be left alone and a new name be given to the Super Hybrid Sports. I totally agree on the potential of the hybrid systems though.

    As for the looks, does anyone else see a little FC3S RX-7 in the side profile?

  5. that design would be perfect if it were for the S2000, an NSX isn’t an NSX without mid-engine Rear wheel drive.

    aside from that, I’m glad Honda decided to give it a V6 engine to compete with the next-gen Supra instead of gunning for the LF-A.

  6. I see a 2nd gen Rx7 mixed with an S2000 and for some reason the front to me resembles a R34 Skyline with the Evo X’s mustache goatie combo. The rearend looks Saturn Sky-ish. It doesn’t seem like it should be the replacement for the NSX. I think Honda should make this the replacement for the S2000 or just something brand new for the lineup.

  7. im in the no car over a hybrid boat

    i think car makers need to grow some balls and start making true sports cars again and stop making ONLY environmental cars, sure the environment is a big issue these days but that doesn’t mean car makers need to taint every car with a carrot oil engine to please those that cry about the ice caps, theres still a huge market for people who altho environmentally conscience would love a big high powered fuel guzzling machine even just for weekend driving.

    and yes i know that for car makers to create fuel guzzling high powered cars theyd need governments to lay off the emmissions rules but most makers arent even trying to push the boundries theyre just giving in and making carrot oil engines argue all you want about super hybrid sports technology the NSX would be better with a massive V10

  8. By the way, the question at the end of the article was directed at the rumor of the NSX project being cancelled, only to be “restarted” with a hybrid system as its power source.

  9. I’m with changing the name of the car. Just like the FWD S2000, it just doesn’t seem right.

    Yes, I do see an FC in that side profile as well. It’s that whole section of the B pillar that gives it away.

  10. Did Honda move their design company to China?? rear side profile like a FC RX7, elements of Evo X, S2000, SLK. It’s like a Franken-car.

  11. forget the petrol engine, just add a couple of GE generators from a diesel-electric locomotive and believe me you will hit 200km/h in 3 sec

  12. The thing about the NSX, it was good looking. This will still turn heads but not for the reason of it being good looking. Probably something else. Like looking out for the driver and why he would drive such a thing. Luckily its still a concept and I guess they’ll finalize it.

  13. Two things:

    1) Is this new car going to be a convertable? If not, why the clear distinction between the body and A and C pillars?

    2) This whole eco-friendly concept, while admirable, is going a bit overboard.

    Look, if someone wants to buy a top of the line sports/supercar, they’re probably not going to care about the type of gas mileage it gets. It’s true: Hummer isn’t doing so well at the moment and, in fact, was sold off to a company and China. However, last time I checked, Ferrari and Lamborghini were still in business too.

    So Honda, is it really worth compromising your sports car concept for an extra 10 mpg? Do you really feel that people will stop buying your cars if every single model isn’t “green”? This whole thing screams of a PR idea gone awry.

  14. illicit_angel

    Now this is what the new S2000 should follow after! None of this butt ugly Fwd crap there throwing at us at the moment!!

    It could actually pass as the new S2000 if you ask me, especially with that roof line… Very very sexy 🙂

    And eco friendly… In my books, if it make a beautiful power band and helps the enviroment then that is an EXTREAMLY great feat of technology..!

    1. Ken: Are you refering to the Holiday Auto renders? All they did was take an educated guess at what the Nurburgring test car would look like with the camoflage off.

  15. i hope the real car looks like this. i think it looks real good.doesn’t look like it can take a v10 though.. looks too small

  16. The renderings above look every bit as though they are for an S2k relacement rather than the new Supercar.

    If there is any truth to these rumours, and as an ex S2k owner, I’d be very interested in another good driving car with the added eco benefits.

    The thought of a V10 Supercar of 2+2 configuration is also appealing but I worry that Honda may price it too high. If they can deliver an Aston type vehicle, somewhere between the AMV8 and DB9 is size, I might just be tempted to let the NSX go ….


  17. Why… Why the hell do all the new concepts of great old cars look ALIKE… I just hate it..
    The S16, the new Lexus, the so called Supra.. the S2000 and NSX as well. They all look THE SAME.. Damn it..

    By the way, if you ask me on the third picture it looks more like s2000 to me or like Rx-8…. Cars losing its personalitY? Thats crap. /

  18. uuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmm yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, the hybrid batteries life is what? 8-10 years life expectancy? then you need a forklift to take them out. AND CAUSE MORE POLLUTION TO THE EARTH THEN THAT AWESOME V10, POPPIN VTEC, 12 hours a day ever would!!!!! I’ll pass. Just a simple Lexus Certified Technician’s opinion.

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