Hybrid, FWD Honda S2000 Due In 2012

July 16, 2009 by  
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It’s hybrid mania in Japan now with all manner of models starting to appear. As far as upcoming models are concerned though, the most disappointing seems to be the Honda S2000 “successor”. We’re told that come 2012, the new S2000 replacement will only have the number of doors and its name in common with the previous car.

2012 Honda S2000 Hybrid FF Sports Car

2012 Honda S2000 Hybrid FF Sports Car

It’s interesting to note that rumors surrounding a front wheel drive S2000 replacement have been circulating since at least late 2006, so it’s fair to say that S2000 fans shouldn’t get their hopes up for the next incarnation of Honda’s sports convertible. Gone are the days of high revving engines and rear wheel drive fun, they’ll be replaced with “low emission, high class” motoring in a package that has little in common with its predecessor. We’re told that the new S2000 will share its 2nd-generation hybrid driveline with that of the new Honda Accord and as such will be front wheel drive only. That being the case, the S2000 will be a step above the new hybrid CR-Z (or CR-ZX as some sources quote it as being) as far as outright performance goes. A retractable hardtop will add weight but now that the driving wheels will be at the front, it probably won’t be an issue for prospective buyers who we assume won’t be current S2000 owners. The hybrid Honda S2000 is expected to go on sale in early 2012.

Words: Justin Karow
Image: Best Car

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  • gouki

    I don’t see anyone wanting to buy this car. It is a shadow of its glorious former self

    • alif

      i prefer the old type to this one..

  • http://naontherun.blogspot.com N/Aontherun

    Oh NOES!!! FWD, bleh!

    Wht a mistake they are making in my view, but it looks like a bastard child between lexus and infiniti :P

  • http://www.jdmorigins.com Peter

    wow, that, eek. its got a skyline top half to it. :T

    and its FWD


  • Stingray

    I want to say that this looks good, I really want to, but I can’t.

  • i don’t know

    at first i read the comment before i see the picture since the connection now is slow. so the comment appeared first. i said, what nonsense you all saying. now i retract back…

    of course current s2000 is ugly car, but it’s good performance car and got personality too. but, for planned production of the new s2000 (if the statement is true…), not only it’s ugly, it has no originality in design. hybrid engine? i don’t really care, as long it’s performance better than the former (safe petrol, now i care) and FWD? oh come one…

    p/s: the statement say, hybrid is hot in japan, be careful, maybe honda,nissan,toyota bring out nsx,gtr,celica,supra in hybrid too… hahahahahaha…

  • STJ

    Honda has realy lost its way! If they are gonna make a hybrid sports car they should look at toyota’s FT-HS. 400bhp RWD and good looks, not this ugly FWD POS!

  • LonePhantom

    Jeez, what are Honda thinking? The S200 is a brilliant car, great looking, RWD, good power.

    Now this is their vision for the next instalment? Pathetic. Hybrid, well fair enough in this world of low-emissions, etc. But FWD replacing RWD, that’s ridiculous. Not to mention it’s a pretty ugly looking car too…

  • fmws

    yuck, this thing looks way too ugly imo… i see a little of skyline’s gt 350 lines and then some weird things lol… plus FWD?? dang, that thing is about to be a major failure

  • aj

    it looks like an acura ..probably be sold as the nsx !!!

  • dorichan

    stupid move. i guess honda must be low on cash not to produce a rwd hybrid..? anyway they could at least make it 4wd or something. its just a bigger cr-z !!

  • Vraiu

    Huh? FWD? Honda is full of FWD cars, why add another?

  • Zzz


  • K’

    A FWD 2 door coupe…I think Honda has released a few of those already? I understand their dedication to FWD performance but it’s starting to get ridiculous what they’re doing to this upcoming car. The whole point of the S2K, in my eyes, was originality, performance, and style. FWD 2 door coupes are certainly not original.

  • anonymous G

    this is unacceptable this ABOMINATION must certainly be destroyed at once!

  • illicit_angel

    FWD S2000!!? Whyyyyyyyyyy oh god why!!?

  • http://www.modtor.com Modtor

    FWD S2000? So it’s more like a Civic coupe? What’s the point?

  • Enk

    For pete’s sake, NO! Don’t ruin the S series.

  • ctrlz

    FWD ? This is ridiculous.
    What they are thinking about ? They already have FWD Type-R, Accord etc ?

  • mike

    type-r honda fit hehehehe

  • http://www.nick.com nick

    I hope 2012 never comes

  • Leo

    What’s happening to the world?

  • illicit_angel

    So… So far no one has anything good to say on the new S2000? And as far as i can see its like a cut and paste affair (A damn ugly one at that) from other compinies new prototype & new relese vehicles.

    Is Honda employing any new inavative tech or styling to there new S2000?

    I must agree with Leo… “What’s happening to the world?”

  • importpunch

    This car would be interesting, but NOT as a replacement to the S2000.

  • gm

    I don’t see this as an S2000, they should brand this as a Prelude

  • illicit_angel

    Prelude!!! Yes most definatly!

    At least it would be some what marketable then lol

  • DoriDoriKun

    I was almost crying while reading this….

    Hybrid? FWD?!!!!!!

    I agree old days are in the past now, it would ve been possible to swap the engine but its FWD.. *sobbing* :D

  • AcroX

    I hope they are not serious about this design

  • Anonymous

    I hope predictions of the world ending in 2012 are right ’cause I own a 2008 S2000,and I always dreamed about trading it once the new one was available,at this point I rather buy a donkey and feel stupid than getting this piece of crap and look ridiculuos :/

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