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Back in May the Lexus LF-A was once again spotted at the Nürburgring sporting some extra coverings to hide an obvious redesign of some key areas, notably the front bumper and side air intakes around the quarter windows. Here’s what Holiday Auto think the LF-A will look like when it’s shown at the Tokyo Motor Show later this year.


There are no real surprises with HA’s render although they say that the front of the LF-A will feature “Lamborghini-like” details and include smaller headlights than what the Nürburgring race car had. I’m not sure what to make of their rendition of the headlights (they look like a step backwards compared to the original design) but we’re told that the “insider” that informed HA of the upcoming Toyota 086A also gave them information on what the LF-A would look like with the covers off. We’ll just have to wait until October to see how accurate the render is!


Of the 500 Lexus LF-As planned for production, 120 -150 will make their home in Japan with the remainder to be sent to international markets. A 4805cc V10 engine producing over 500PS is the only powerplant mentioned at this stage with no word of a larger capacity engine being available, but what about the price? Apparently there will be two grades, a “basic package” for 22,000,000 JPY and a “sports package” which will include modifications for racing for, hold onto your GT-R Spec V… 30,000,000 JPY!

Words: Justin Karow
Images: Holiday Auto

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  • James

    This insider information rocks.

    Keep it up 7Tune

  • importpunch

    This is good. I didnt really see the GT-R as a supercar. It was fast, but it didnt really look like one. But this does.

  • Justin Karow

    What do you think about the US$230K price? I think Toyota have done well getting some “race pedigree” under the LF-As belt before production starts, but even so that’s a big asking price. I’d really like to see how the LF-A production car stacks up against the GT-R.

  • LonePhantom

    Going to be an interesting match up with the GT-R and this new beast.

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