New Mark X in October, No Turbo

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For those not familiar with Toyota’s Camry-sized RWD sedan, the Mark X continued the family lineage established by the much loved Mark II and brought with it a higher level of refinement and quality. For Mark II owners wishing to upgrade to the Mark X though, a big disappointment was the disappearance of turbo and manual gearbox options.


Well the new Mark X will continue in the previous car’s mould and not offer a turbo charged engine. There was talk of the new 2010 Mark X going up head to head with Subaru’s Legacy B4 2.5 GT with a turbo model but we’re now told that won’t be the case and only 2.5L and 3.5L V6 engines will be available with the 3.5L replacing the smaller 3.0L V6 in the current car. The design of the exterior is said to be less agressive and it will also offer a higher quality interior. While the platform will be a modified version of the current car’s underpinnings and offering 4WD as well as RWD, it is also expected to be a “world car” being offered for sale in major markets outside Japan.

Words: Justin Karow
Image: Holiday Auto

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  • Matt

    To me it looks like and Accord!

  • SaNTi

    ^ What’s not to love about a RWD Accord? haha

    There will never be too many RWD cars in this world!

  • importpunch

    Prefer the current Mark X than this. What I liked about the Mark X is that it didnt look like a Camry so much, now that looks like a Camry with its Camry smile.

  • N/Aontherun

    I don’t like it. As Matt^^^ said it looks like a accord and the rear looks like a Kia. I like the RWD and AWD idea that Toyota is going for since they’ve done it already for Lexus. As far as The Camry competing with the Legacy well with this new partnership that Subaru has with Toyota I would not be surprised if the Camry and the Legacy shared some similarities and chasis.

  • Chris B.

    Major markets outside the U.S.? Like who?

  • STJ

    @ Chris B

    Australia, Hong Kong, and china. And Toyota should realy update there V6 engine’s, nissan update’s the VQ like every 6 months. But toyota hasn’t touched the GR V6 in 4 years!

  • Lacy

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  • James

    Ah heck, as long as Toyota releases the 086A, they could release the worst car in the world and I still wouldn’t care

  • Justin Karow

    Chris B: Europe and possibly other right-hand drive markets. When the Japanese press say “World Car” it usually means Europe and the US.

  • Chris B.

    Thanks guys. I just caught that I said “outside the U.S.” when I meant Japan. Oops!

  • Zach

    Looks HOT!

  • STJ

    And about this render, it looks good but a few things are off. Like new toyota’s and the current Mark X have the tail pipe’s integrated in the bumper so i don’t think they are gonna change that.

    And the rear view mirror’s are fixed on the doors on new toyota.

  • Derek

    I like the idea of Toyota selling RWD vehicles outside of Japan as well. The economies of scale will lower the price and we will hopefully start seeing the chassis in more vehicles.

    I prefer RWD to FWD any day.

  • Justin Karow

    Me too Derek, hopefully other markets will pressure Toyota to develop manual transmissions for the Mar X etc for all us people with left legs that can’t keep still :)

  • 7shades

    I’ve been a loyal devotee of the X chassis for some time. I currently have a JZX100 Chaser, and would consider upgrading to a newer incarnation of the platform. I could almost tolerate the current model’s supercharged V6, and even the auto.
    But in this new generation, with no JZ engine, no manual option, and now not even ANY forced induction? Sorry, I’ll get a JZX110 Mark II instead, and keep it.

  • Justin Karow

    What about a Verossa 7shades? Just put a paper bag over it’s face… ;)

  • mike

    I would love to see this car in a manual gearbox too. But, remember that if they sell it under the Lexus brand it is more likely it would be only available on a automatic transmission. people are lazy specially if they are buying for a luxury brand all they want is to press the pedal and presto!

  • 7shades

    Verossa… *shudder*

    Amongst the JZX community we call them the “Tapir”. ( Google it :P )

  • vatomatic

    @ 7shades:

    haha. verossa.

    as far as the new mark x, i don’t think they’ll be selling it in the usa anytime soon, unless they try to replace the es350 with it and make lexus all RWD (please do this toyota). there is no place for it, since it is camry sized, and toyota won’t want to make competition for itself.

  • Craig

    If this means the USA will get an affordable RWD Camry sized and priced sedan– wonderful.

    What a shame there will be no turbocharged engines or especially manual transmissions offered. For me, the transmission would be a dealbreaker even if it is RWD.

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