New Mazda RX-7 + New RX-8 = RX-9


Goodbye 4-door RX-8, hello “new RX-7” or to be specific, the RX-9. Mazda’s new 2-door flagship sports car has a few tricks up it’s sleeve and development is well underway…

Mazda enthusiasts will be glad to know that the gasoline powered rotary engine is here to stay and the long awaited return of the RX-7 will happen but under a new name. Holiday Auto (HA) claim the new sports car to grace Mazda’s line up will be called “RX-9” and it’s likely to debut after the restyled Roadster, sometime in the first half of 2012!  What about the RX-8? It (and the new RX-7) will continue on as a single new 2-door only model, the RX-9.  The RX-9 is slated to introduce a world-first clutch technology and is expected to be only slightly heavier than the current Roadster.

A camouflaged Roadster-bodied prototype has been spotted on the test track and two experimental models of the 16X rotary engine are being tested at the moment. The 16X rotary engine is of particular interest, it’s said to produce around 270ps and be 20% more economical on fuel thanks to direct injection and rapid combustion technology. Capacity is increased over the 13B coming in at 800cc x2 and will remain naturally aspirated. HA are quick to add that the 16X will certainly change the perception of the rotary engine as a gas guzzler to one that can produce high power and be light on fuel. Power will be transmitted through a world-first manually adjustable twin-clutch SMG. A dial on the center console will allow the driver to select various modes and while in “Auto”  it will engage with precisely the right amount of pressure according to normal driving RPMs. If the RPM exceeds the amount designated for that particular mode, the clutch will automatically increase pressure to compensate. In “Sports” mode greater pressure is applied in the same way but without the reduced driveability that comes with a heavier clutch.

The RX-9’s chassis is said to be a totally new design and will focus on maximum weight saving which will also dictate the use of resin and aluminum panels for the body. Weight is expected to be around 1200kg and only slightly heavier than the current model Roadster. HA say that according to their source, out of all the designs for the new RX-9 that have appeared in various magazines the one pictured above is closest to what the RX-9 should look like.

Words: Justin Karow

Image: Holiday Auto/Stehrenberger Design/Kimura Office

3 thoughts on “New Mazda RX-7 + New RX-8 = RX-9”

  1. Justin Karow doesn’t underatand the definition of the word “roadster”. A “roadster” is a convertible, Justin! You also don’t write clearly. The way you write it, I can’t tell if Mazda is introducing one, or two new cars: “Holiday Auto (HA) claim the new sports car to grace Mazda’s line up will be called “RX-9″ and it’s likely to debut after the restyled Roadster, sometime in the first half of 2012! What about the RX-8? It (and the new RX-7) will continue on as a single new 2-door only model, the RX-9″…what roadster?! what second car?! See what I mean?

  2. Willard: I know what a roadster/convertible is. The “Mazda Roadster” is a convertible sold in Japan and other markets it’s known as a MX-5 or MX-5 Miata. The current generation has been on sale in Japan since 2005 and is due for a facelift (restyle in the article) in 2011.

    I hope that clears up any confusion. Thanks for posting.

  3. Damn thats sexy

    hope this 16x can be turbo charged easily unlike the previous engine used in the rx8, have an nc mx5 in the family, and if it was a bit wider longer, and had a 13b or this 16x etc it would be beautiful, they certainly have the know how on chassis design, rx8 was good, but not purchase worthy, just not enough power, too much fuel, random design.

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