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5 new items, straight from Japan.

TGS Dry Carbon Formula Paddle

T Global Service has come up with some very nice dry carbon paddles to replace those ‘adequate’ plastic items found in the Lexus IS. Not only are they made of genuine Autoclave cured high quality carbon fiber, but they have what TGS call a ‘wide lip shape’ which are much larger than the standard items, also with a very comfortable three dimensional design which will be very good news to IS drivers who aren’t too impressed with the stock paddles. The larger size also makes them more visible behind the steering wheel which TGS believes will lend an air of sportiness to the cabin, as well as being very pleasant to use. The 20-ply diagonal weave carbon fiber is of the highest strength ensuring there is absolutely no flex during operation. The paddles come preassembled and only need to be installed as an entire unit in place of the standard paddle mechanism. Although installation is easy enough to be carried out by those wishing to do so, TGS recommend installation by an experienced workshop. The TGS Dry Carbon Formula Paddles have a recommended retail price of 50,400 yen.

KAAZ Race Monitor

KAAZ enters the vehicle electronics market with it’s new Race Monitor, a data logger that’s very easy to install and shows all basic information in real time such as vehicle speed, engine revs, lap time (in conjunction with a P-LAP II/III personal timing system), acceleration/deceleration and lateral g-force data overlaid onto video footage captured by video camera. This makes it possible to record video of a series of laps in car then view the lap again at your leisure with full data logging displayed on screen simultaneously. An optional CCD camera can be used in conjunction with the video camera (with the video camera used as a recording device only) therefore allowing the small CCD camera to be mounted practically anywhere. Video output can even be connected to a car’s TV or navigation screen enabling the driver to view his own laps complete with recorded data without ever leaving the car! The Race Monitor isn’t a true data logger in the sense that it can’t be connected to a computer which uses software to compile information into graph form, but it is an invaluable tool for monitoring driving performances with simple real time data and video. Optional parts include a GPS antenna (for use with cars without a speed input wire to the ECU), CCD camera and P-LAP II/III adapter cable. The basic kit retails for 73,290 yen, while the basic kit plus CCD camera set retails for 83,790 yen.

6666 Customs GT Rodeo Special Body Kits

*Warning! TRA Kyoto website main page is not safe for work*

Four Six Customs in Kyoto brings the 1980s back again (their words) with it’s GT Rodeo line of body kits for the S13 and S14 Nissan Silvia. Going against the trend of big and angular ground scraping aero, Four Six Customs (TRA Kyoto brand) went for a fairly subtle and rounded look which some would argue bears more than a little resemblance to Super Made’s ‘Instant Gentleman’ line of aero parts. Debatable originality aside, the GT Rodeo kits are a welcome addition amongst the plethora of BN or Vertex look alike body kits that seem to adorn every other Silvia. Prices for both S13 and S14 are as follows:

Front bumper spoiler: 41,790 yen
Side step: 31,290 yen
Rear bumper spoiler: 31,290 yen
(Front/Side/Rear) 3 piece set: 99,540 yen
Front fenders: 41,790 yen
Rear fender: 31,290 yen
Duck tail: 20,790 yen

Autoland Giallo Diffuser for GDB/F Impreza

Autoland Giallo have produced an original rear diffuser for the late model Impreza which is practically a bolt on fit with mounting points on the rear stabilizer bar and rear bumper supports. Despite the seemingly tall profile of the fins, Giallo guarantee good ground clearance even with lowered vehicles. They’ve found that the diffuser also fits the older model Subaru Impreza (GC8), Legacy (BE, BH) and Forester (SF5, SG5) with only minor modification. It has a retail price of 31,500 yen for unpainted white gel finish, or 42,000 yen painted.

Yupiteru Super Cat MR965i

Yupiteru have extended their line of Super Cat GPS radar detectors to include the rear view mirror type MR965i. Capable of switching between three types of display such as ‘radar scope’, ‘word style’ or ‘illustration style’, the 1.5 inch color LCD monitor is easily configurable to any style or color combination. Scanning is updated every second so it’s possible to see events virtually in real time occurring on the monitor… just keep one eye on the road though! The detection range of the MR965i can be set to a maximum of 3000m or a reduced distance can be selected from 2500m, 2000m, 1500m, 1000m or 500m. The most interesting aspect has to be the ity.MAP feature, it’s a web based service accessed via mobile phone which allows subscribers to transmit the location of the nearest parking lots, Police stations and No Parking zones to the MR965i, where all the information is conveyed to the driver via voice commands and the LCD monitor. The Super Cat MR965i has an ‘open price’, meaning retailers are free to charge as much as they can get.

Text: Justin Karow

Images: TGS, KAAZ, TRA Kyoto, Autoland Giallo, Yupiteru

Video: KAAZ

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