As first reported in our world wide scoop a couple of months back, Keiichi Tsuchiya has finally broken cover on more detail for his new series to be run this year through his blog; a page ( along with Dai chan’s Blog ) we make a habit of visiting regularly to keep in touch with the latest news at hand…

Contrary to incorrect information from other sites claiming the series was being held in 2012, it is indeed as we said going ahead this year, with the first round of a 5 round series kicking off in the first week of May.

While we are excited to learn of these developments, we don’t however necessarily agree with the name that’s being given to the series. “The Drift Muscle Champions” is a bit of an odd choice for a title name, wouldn’t you agree? But it looks as if it’s here to stay with a banner already having been developed for it.

Sure to make many fans happy though, and attract a whole new fan base while they are at it, famous circuits like Bihoku and Nikko will mark a return and the calendar represents a complete shift in approach from the current D1 circus with its ultra high power cars and speed based circuits.

So here’s a juicy question for all of our loyal readers at 7tune. How about we build a 7tune Chaser for the coming series? We think that’s a mouthwatering prospect.

Anyway, here’s the Calendar!

第1戦 5月8日(日) 日本海間瀬サーキット
第2戦 6月5日(日) 備北ハイランドサーキット
第3戦 7月17日(日) 日光サーキット
第4戦 10月10日(祝) 鈴鹿ツインサーキット
第5戦 11月3日(祝) スポーツランドSUGO 西コース

1 – May 8th, Nihonkai Maze
2 – June 6th, Bihoku Highland Circuit
3 – July 17th, Nikko Circuit
4 – October 10th, Suzuka Twin
5 – November 3rd, Sportsland Sugo West

Tsuchiya san goes on to say at the end that he will release some more information in the next day or two so stay tuned for more! You can rest assured that the translations, made with Japanese staff, will be as accurate as possible. – The Ultimate JDM Experience

Words – Adam Zillin

Source – Keiichi Tsuchiya @ K1 Planning

Photos – Adam Zillin


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