In shocking news, J’s racing President, Junichi Umemoto has been arrested on attempted murder charges. The bizarre incident occurred late at night on the 22nd of January in Osaka and involved 3 people, according to the police report…

Police allege that Umemoto initially brushed a pedestrian with his car, and then thinking it to be serious, started to try and flee the scene. Bizarrely, 39 year old Eiji Fujikawa, then tried to stop Umemoto from leaving by jumping onto the car and holding onto the mirror.

Umemoto continued to drive approximately 100 meters with Fujikawa hanging from the mirror at which point, Fujikawa let go sustaining a fractured skull and now remains in hospital, unconscious and in critical condition.

Umemoto was reported as saying that, “…I was scared of repercussions and kept on going. I didn’t mean to kill him.

There was no word on whether or not alcohol was involved but this has serious ramifications for Umemoto, who was considered one of Japan’s premier Honda tuners, with Umemoto himself, a decent pair of hands behind the wheel having competed in more that 100 races.

Editors Note : Because of the severe nature of this incident, 7tune has had to refund pre purchases of Volume #109 and the makers of Hot Version DVD have decided to officially remove the entire CR-Z Battle segment of the Hot Version Volume in which the J’s racing CR-Z and Umemoto were present.

We sincerely apologize to the fans of the series and for the inconveniences this has caused and would like to express our sincerest condolences to the Fujikawa family.

Words – Adam Zillin

Source – Asahi News


  1. Unbelievable factoring that he was a race driver himself. In the end, he is human just like everyone. I hope he is given a fair trial and condolences to the family of the man. It was just a freak accident.

  2. Its still a sad happening. I know j’s – I own a Honda and I love my car so this is hard to read news but 7tune has always been to here.

    Go j’s Racing!

  3. this is one man that made the import scene goes to show it aint jus the kids that make this scene looked at the way it is rip tho very sad

  4. Well its sad that this all went down this way and our hearts go out the the Family of Fujikawa. I guess in his mind he was doing the right thing so I hope he recovers and gets back to normal living quickly. Here is my thought though, Umemoto was wrong for trying to leave the scene pertaining to the pedestrian he brushed, not cool! As for Fujikawa, why would you jump on a moving car and hold on for a hundred meters? why not just take the plate number man! Its a tough call on that one, I think attempted murder is a too severe for Fujikawa incident, that is for someone who was pre meditating the act, not a victim of circumstance. but Japan is a zero tolerance nation, who moral and ethical standard are really high, and that sucks for both men.

  5. Not to mention a 99.5% conviction rate.

    If you’re going to court, you are virtually guaranteed to be convicted and a murder charge is the worst thing in the world for any person.

    I agree with you though, racersandtuners, as I’m sure some sense of logic will enter the discussions regarding the punishment and the charges.

    Manslaughter and murder are completely different charges with completely different levels of severity.

    I’d have thought that anyone crazy enough to launch onto a moving car and hold on to the mirror was the stuff of Hollywood – NOT the actions of a man trying to get murdered.

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