While it cannot be confirmed at this stage in the developments leading up the the 2012 WTAC Time Attack Challenge at Eastern Creek, sources close to Panspeed have hinted to 7Tune that the world renowned Panspeed RX-7 will not make the trip “Down Under” and neither will its driver in 2011, Sasaki san…]

7Tune has heard that Panspeed instead intends to bring their RX-8 Time Attack car rather than their venerable RX-7 that the world is more accustomed to seeing. The reasons for this remain unclear but from what we understand, Panspeed are finalizing a decision on their plans for this years WTAC and we should be hearing a final announcement shortly.

We’ve heard that Panspeed were blowing hot and cold the past few months; unsure over their decision to come to the WTAC again in light of a few corporate issues regarding vehicular development. That said, we understand that the car they are considering for the WTAC, should they finally choose to attend, will be the RX-8.

The other news we’ve come to hear, is that the drivers will also be different, with this years 24 hours of Nurburgring champion, Sasaki, stepping aside for the venerable and formidable Hattori at the wheel of the car they choose to send over.

With the WTAC less than 3 months away and with less than a month to finalize preparations before the cars are sent to Australia, the team cannot afford to wait long before they announce their plans.

Keep an eye on the WTAC page for any official announcements in the days and weeks to come.

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