News Scoop – FT86 Release Postponed, Design Changed

According to Japan’s “Best Car magazine”, the FT86’s release date is set to be postponed a further 2 years with the goal posts being shifted from a 2011 release date to 2013.


Toyota are offering two reasons for this reported delay. It is said that the design is going to be amended yet again, indicating a fresh source of frustration for fans of the car the world over. Toyota appear to have gone to lengths to reiterate that the concept we have all seen at the 2010 TMS was only that; a prototype and they have left the door open for further changes to its shape.

Best Car has also said that according to the data from the newly formed TMJ group (Toyota Marketing Japan), fears exist that the release date for 2011 may be premature – with a global economic slowdown effecting sales and with expectations that the sports car market is going to take longer to recover.


With the car slated to be displayed again at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2011, Toyota are also said to be taking a hard look at the success of Honda’s CR-Z, with its hybrid engine the main focus and this may end up influencing the development of the FT-86.

Interestingly, Toyota is said to be planning to sell the car in Japan for a little over 2,000,000 yen – quite cheap in itself but it is too early to say for certain.

Indeed many things about the development of this car are uncertain and this cannot be helping the confidence of the legions of people hungry to get their hands on this car when it does in fact go on sale officially.

As it stands, this latest round of reported changes lend themselves to the impression that Toyota appear to be doing their best to score an own goal with this car.

Source: Best Car Japan

Words: Adam Zillin

33 thoughts on “News Scoop – FT86 Release Postponed, Design Changed”

  1. Alarm bells are ringing in my head!

    I have a funny feeling that Toyota is just strapped for cash due to recent “break” failures on its hybrid Prius and is afraid of pushing forwards with its new concept.

    On a more sinister note, the FT86 might be heading for the hybridization drawing board and become a green car like the Honda CRZ.

    Or this all turns out to be the similar story of the legendary Supra turning into the uber expensive super car Lexus LFA; bottom line is us fans are at the receiving end of the stick.

  2. Looks like my cash fund will be going to a 25 year old AE chassis corolla, rather than the revival of this could be green poo.

  3. The article hints at Toyota looking at Hondas CR-Z and going, “Hmmmmm…”

    I really really hope they don’t go anywhere near such a concept but if they are considering it then we have to brace for a green FT-86h

  4. Damn green eco world, unfortunatly thats how things are going. If Toyota just bit the bullet and dropped in the BEAMS Altezza engine! We all know it works, modern enough engine, lots of tuning available, and has various forms; Turb, Supercharge, ITB’s etc…DO IT TOYOTA!

  5. me pareze que toyota tiene que esperar a lanzar el ft-86 el comcep car es precioso,la economia esta muy mal en europa,yo soy español apasionado de los coches japoneses e incluso de de japon me rompieron el corazon cuando honda y toyota se retiraron de la formula 1 sus motivos tendran los vehiculos nipones son robustos y rapidos

  6. Seriously, I’m shocked, this can’t be true, I keep repeating to myself that this is another fake rumor. Anyway, how credible Best Car is? It’s hard for me to believe that Akio Toyoda has nothing to say about this, sure he can’t jump in to an LFA and forget about the FT-86, but we can’t. But this car is the best thing that happened to Toyota for many years.
    And 2013 it’s just to much, by then the sports car segment will be crowded, with the new RX-7, new MX-5, new smaller and lighter Chevy Camaro, a possible new Nissan S16, a platform shared Chrysler/Dodge. Alfa Romeo sports car, Honda will probably bring back the S2000, Mitsubishi will have the next gen Eclipse ready, Hyundai will have like 3 sports car by then and so on. I truly don’t know what’s wrong with those people.

  7. I’m starting to give up hopthing the FT will be a nice, small, RWD, Sporty Coupe. As someone said a few comments up, “I hear the word ‘Hybrid’ and immediately think of other cars I’d prefer to buy.”

  8. Guys, Best Car are like a gossip mag here in Japan but this article smacks of truth. I don’t think the information is false at worst. What concerns me is that Toyota are being said to even be thinking this way.

    If the FT-86 is ever to have an “H” attached to it, I for one will lose all interest in it for good.

    Toyota needs to wake up and start listening to people. They have had an overwhelmingly positive response from the car to date and to capitulate and second guess themselves in this cutthroat market is basically akin to pulling the trigger against your own skull.

    Akio Toyoda apologized to the world when the FT-86 was unveiled saying that he was, “…sorry for the lost dreams of a generation.”

    Well Toyoda san, you’re going to have to apologize again very soon by the look of things.

  9. And 2013 it’s just to much, by then the sports car segment will be crowded, with the new RX-7, new MX-5, new smaller and lighter Chevy Camaro, a possible new Nissan S16, a platform shared Chrysler/Dodge. Alfa Romeo sports car, Honda will probably bring back the S2000, Mitsubishi will have the next gen Eclipse ready, Hyundai will have like 3 sports car by then and so on.

    This is too optimistic opinion I am sure nothing like this will unfortunately happen. If there would be so many new sports car by 2013 I would even forget about ft-86.

  10. “with expectations that the sports car market is going to take longer to recover.”
    That’s right Toyota, take your sweet time. It’s not like some other Japanese company have been raking in money from their sports car sales or anything. Besides, this car is going to be so ground-breakingly innovative and amazing when it comes out that people will completely lose all interest in silly things like V6 Mustangs or Genesis Coupes. And we’ll patiently wait and not buy anything else until this comes out, because when people mention “sports car”, Toyota is the first company that everyone thinks of.


  11. well i agree with several comments above, toyoda san sooner will bow to the public again…

    @stigray and @dave: i agree with you but wouldn’t that makes other car maker also switch to hybrid or electric also? not to mention porsche bring out 918 prototype and ferrari on green 599…

    i think of course lots of sports car and super cars will come out several years later, but the price is going to increase exponentially from now on since world are forcing eco car now…for super rich boys, that wouldn’t be a problem but for me, next supra or 86 or rx9 or…, would just be a dream during the night… hopefully some good news will come soon this year about the long-awaited FT86…

  12. Toyota is just doing what they’ve been doing for several years now. Screw everything up. Discontinue the MR2? Check! Discontinue the Supera? Check! Discontinue the Celica? Check! Screw up the most looked forward to Toyota small sports car in years, the FT-86? CHEEEEEEEEECK!

    Like someone else posted. The word hybrid will make me look somewhere else. Exactly what I’ve been doing since i owned a Toyota MR2 Spyder. Look somewhere else!

  13. I don’t think Toyota cares enough about enthusiasts to make such a car. The only problem is that Japanese car companies copy each other like monkeys; remember in 2002 when the Supra, GTR, Silvia and RX7 got discontinues all at the same time!! My biggest fear is that other companies are gonna follow suit; that’s right, you can forget about a new RX7 or Silvia or S2000.

  14. Oh hell, they CAN’T seriously be serious. I don’t want a phukkin hybrid. I want a sports car. When I wanna conserve on gas I drive slow. Damn, what’s so hard in producing ONE sports car, jus one, please, If only ONE.

  15. WTF? redesign? the design is perfect!

    Recession? Just get the kids in Japan to read some manga about some guy drifting in a brand new ft86! That ought to stop them buying mobile phones for a few minutes and buy cars again!

    I guess I’m going to have to import a clapped out old 180sx instead because nobody is making/selling what I want to buy.

  16. Oh No! Please don’t jinx the other cool budget cars that are coming soon!

    I personally want to see the new Nissan S16, whereas if the new RX-7 will be turbocharged then that’s another classic reborn car to look forward to.

    The 2010 MX-5 is already a beautiful thing and when it was upped in 7Tune, I was already dreaming of putting on a Chargespeed Bodykit… Drool~

    Sadly, where I come form, we haven’t seen a right hand drive Hyundai Genesis yet.

  17. Great work 7tune… You see what happens when you post articles about the FT-86? I swear that this is your single most followed story.

    Too bad it’s bad news though.

    Remember how long it took for the LFA to complete the development cycle? Guess which car is going to repeat in its footsteps?

    This is turning into the Gran Turismo 5 of the auto world…

    About a hybrid? Well, they said they will be looking at the CR-Z right? Is there any other car out there that will convince them not to go hybrid better than this car? I mean… tuners already hate it and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

    And lastly, eco car? Why does it need to be a hybrid to be an eco car. The original was an eco car and consistently small capacity lightweight gasoline engine cars out perform the Priuses and the Insights of the world. I owned two original 86s and have to say that the equation was perfect. If you drive below 4500rpm you have an economy car. Anywhere above that and you have a sports (or sportier) car.

    I guess it is not in Toyota’s best interest that they disprove the hybrid popularity.

  18. Well Derek, scoops in general generate interest.
    Still, why the FT-86 has to compete with the CR-Z, that was a job for the upcoming Prius coupe. However all this stoty might be a fake, Toyota is nor confirming or denying the rumors, so I guess that we have to wait a while for more details.

  19. Toyota is not a company making sports car… they had a name for sports cars in the last years thanks to the Formula 1… we forgot which year they produced the last real sports car… tell me they didn’t even produced a sporty hatch in europe like Honda, Renault, VW and more.. so you thing they will produce a FR coupe less then 1200kg with a boxter engine that goes 0-60 in less then 6seconds.. C’moon nissan they will 100% produce a coupe also mazda.. so wait for them and forget about toyota making a sports car.. I waisted 2 years reading on FT86 bla bla bla.. every news on this car are getting wores..

  20. mtema99/FreeSpirit

    so i ‘ll say something strange
    but believe it or not
    it is the first thing i think about it when i read that
    what if that FT-86 design
    be the next generation tesla roadster/coupe

    in another words
    why we hear that after 2 or 3 days from cooperation with tesla
    and from the latest word of Mr.Akio that toyota ‘ll go in it past roots

    again by some evidence
    tesla needs design for the NG-coupe/roadster
    need fresh design to go compete with 911 but with its own design…1-Turbo-44626/

    and it is confirmed it ‘ll kill the outgoing model in first quarter of 2011…dster-in-2011/

    as the next generation ‘ll be the same price as the S-sedan which mean just $50,000
    how can tesla make that alone
    so they ‘ll take a truly lovable design from their partner ever Daimler or Toyota
    Daimler partner already with Tesla for electric smart for 2

    Toyota give Tesla $50,Million US
    and ‘ll share the S-Sedan and rumors began as it may be shared for the top seller CAMRY and all its sibling
    plus 2 in Lexus stable ES & RX which is already sold as only hybrid in a lot of countries now
    no need to mention the intersect of HS with the NG-IS as we all know it ‘ll have a hybrid
    and NG-ES if it came hybrid with the NG-GS hybrid

    so Toyota can have all that models as electric models and began to maximize the efficenty and return to roots as a great sport eco , fuel efficient and can change the FT-86 design a lil bit and gave the most wanted original one to their partner Tesla

    Toyota needs a fresh Mid size sedan with a far away better tech , better fuel consumption , better more HP/Torque from its competitor
    Tesla needs a really made design not to put much money in to have a sporty electric with that 50,000

    they are partner
    they share the same room
    sorry the same factory that’s the partnership

    but the good news the Subaru version i guess we ‘ll see it in 2011 with AWD as all want

  21. I was going to trade in my 2000 Celica GTS for one of these babies but I guess I’ll be getting a Genesis or 370Z instead. Good move, Toyota!

  22. If this is not a rumour , ill be too old to have a license ; ) by the time it is built . the Ferrari Daytona is a classic it was designed and built with out second guessing , well within the ludicrous time frame Toyota has decided on thinking about and changing every few months or even weeks . Total time to get this baby from design to showroom 2008 to 2103 ) let me see .. thats 5 years ; ) . By the time Toyota get around to building most of the people keen on this car will be looking for other alternatives including my self . I could buy own and use my next car for at least 6 years before the second generation comes out of this car approx 2016. Mr Toyota time to wake up , you had better start listening to the people that buy cars and drive them ..not business execs that have calculators and have never done drifting , a track day , a rally or enthusiast motor sport event in their entire life !

  23. This is probobly the worst toyota news I’ve heard thus far. I’m really looking forward to a small, light, rear drive FT-86, but if it’s a hybrid I’ll look elsewhere when the warranty runs out on my RX8. Tough news Toyota, I was really looking forward to this. This has my newly rejuvinated hope in Toyota crying in pain.

  24. My final comment on the ft 86 saga , if im rich and can afford a car like a Lexus LFA its there, but if im working or middle class and can only afford a car like an FT 86 its not there . There is a saying from a movie ‘ if you build it they ( not he ) will come’ ( a message to all the HONDA , Nissan and Mazda execs that aren’t sleeping at their desks and thinking about their next pay increase ) , if you get started today you will most probably beat Toyota to the punch because they will be still be making their minds up which way to go because they are looking to other manufacturers instead of believing in themselves and their possible future projects, this is their Archilles heel!

  25. Long Live 4AGE

    The subaru engine is a turn off. I have beated plenty of WRX with my 4AGZE, and at least my car doesnt sound like its got busted valves.

  26. besides my 86 i own a 2010 prius. and in power mode that thing scoots.
    i’m glad the ft86 is getting postponed.

  27. Seriously Toyota, how hard is it to make a SIMPLE, CHEAP RWD car? Maybe Nissan will come through with a new Silvia (doubt it), I would hate to buy a Genesis, because there is nothing else available.

  28. wow another tease from Toyota! Im losing faith in you! Thank you for pushing me to other manufacturers who are more promising.

  29. I hope Toyota doesn’t follow the Honda down the stupid path of making the Ft-86 only a hybrid. I just don’t think at least for now anyone can deliver an affordable hybrid sportscar with great performance–just look at the CR-Z–any true enthusiast would find the car is just too slow and dismiss it right on the spot.

  30. if they postpone the release date im going to buy a freaking genesis coupe im tired of waiting for this car.

    1. They should drop in the Lotus Exige S motor in the FT86. It is after all a Toyota motor and supercharged.

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