One of the most popular Japanese time attack drivers for fans around the world is going “Down Under” again for the WTAC this year. I was at a dinner gathering up in Nagano for some amazing fun in the snow before my trip to Thailand the next day, which incidentally, was almost a month ago now, when Mitsuhiro Kinoshita told me about the plans…

That’s right. Kinoshita Mitsuhiro is coming back to Australia. But not behind the wheel of an R-Magic FD RX7 as you’d think. No. Something very different this time around and with AWD traction. Something beginning with “N” with the letters “G, T and R” also in the title.

From what I understand, Kinoshita san will be driving an Australian backed R35 GT-R sponsored and organized by Just Jap Australia. While this has all but been confirmed officially by the WTAC organization, we are 99.9% certain the release will come in the next few days.

The comments made by Kinoshita over dinner that night, lent weight to this revelation after the world got to see photos and information of him testing a Just Jap sponsored R35 with the ATTAKD team at the Rev Speed Tsukuba Lap Battle early in December last year. I wasn’t there for the event this time around but did keep abreast of all the action, wondering to myself as to why he was driving an Australian backed GT-R. If you are not in Australia, then Just Jap will be relatively unknown to you but to myself personally, I’ve know of the company for over a decade now. They are prominent and reputable importers of quality vehicles into Australia and I know a couple of people connected to the company. Kinoshita’s time in the car was impressive as well, setting a new record for the street radial class in the process of the event. He ended up with a 0.58.6 second lap time which is highly respectable for a car and team still finding its feet with development.

You can expect the organizers of the WTAC to issue a formal statement on the confirmation that this car and driver are running in the event this year very shortly. Who’s keen to see Kinoshita san behind the wheel of this firebreathing R35 this year? Let us know your thoughts!

No matter the outcome, you know that you heard it here first on 7Tune – The Ultimate JDM Experience Since 2005.

Words – Adam Zillin

Photos – 7Tune, Kory Leung Photography Just Jap Auto Imports

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  • Ben (7tune)

    Whos going to WTAC? I’m so keen!!

    • teddy beaver

      I love to watch such kind of events. Definitely will take the privilege if time permits.
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  • Anonymous

    Trying to arrange the flights, Ben! I am dead keen on going but I don’t have a games company backing me!

    Makes it pretty tough.

  • 7Tune

    (Benson) I’m getting those tickets!!

  • Steven

    I’ll be there again this year! Can’t wait. It was so much fun last time.

  • Kory Leung

    Definitely going to be there!

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