Super GT, the most anticipated event of the year; especially for avid JDM fans and motor heads all over the world is drawing close and the trophy for this prestigious race was unveiled at an exceptionally stunning event last week of which was graced with esteemed members of owner’s clubs, car brand executives and many other local celebrities such as the beautiful Hannah Tan who was the MC of the day, and GT Queens Lu Shan of Malaysia and Toshimi of Japan. One of the main attractions of Super GT that is strongly justified by the organizers JP Motorsports is that the event is to be family friendly; and already one can see that happening at the trophy unveiling, with families that were having a meal nearby or were having a weekend stroll in the mall fighting the scorching sun to catch a glimpse of their kid’s or Dad’s favourite supercar or just ogle at the super GT Demo cars like the ARTA NSX in the picture above, flanked by Mr TJ Chin MD of JP Motorsports, Mr David Tan, MD of Tumasek Pewter, Mr yochiro Ueno, MD and CEO of Honda Malaysia, and Mr JP Chin, Founder of JP Motorsports.

Before the trophy was unveiled, GT Queens Lu Shan and Tojimi gave the crowd an impressive display of their talents, Tojimi chan greeting the growd with an amazing smile and to my surprise even did some phrases in fluent mandarin! Then they did a dance routine which really got the crowd fired up and finally, the most anticipated moment of that day, the removal of that black cloth to reveal the trophy.

The Trophy for this year’s Super GT is crafted by Tumasek Pewter, and has taken the dimensions of the Sepang Circuit as its main shape, a true commemoration to one of the tracks that has hosted some of the most spectacular racing events such as F1, the MOTOGP, and of course, Super GT.

After the unveiling of the trophy, something in my mind said “remember what’s outside!” and without hesitation i was out and about shooting high and low of the eclectic mix of beautiful machines like MR-S’, Supras, Countless R35 GTRs, and your usual super car suspects, the prancing horses and the raging bulls all nestled in parking bays, surrounded by parents and their kids with their phone cameras and cute poses. You couldn’t believe how long i had to wait for someone to walk out of the frame before i could capture some of these shots!

This was definitely a fine example of a beautiful machine, one of the best looking cars in the Car park, a Top Secret street tuned Supra.

The beautiful Toshimi chan of Japan, such a pleasant smile.

Cars and girls in a photograph are an awesome mix, especially in this case, with matching colour schemes and both the girls and the car looking pretty.

One of the many GTRs that were present, wearing a legendary colour scheme.

So many R35s, you couldn’t even see the one at the end of the lot! it was literally a whole side of the street just for these Beasts.

A true symbol of an eclectic mix, with different makes and models parked side by side in harmony, all for the same purpose, to amaze.

The RX 8 club made it to the event too, as well as the CRZ club. With so many different car clubs coming together for a common cause, it was a day that was nothing short of amazing. The effort to make this happen is truly a recognisable feat, one of which JP Motorsports has organized with utmost success.

In Conclusion, the day was a smooth and action packed one, which reflects on how meticulous JP Motorsports are when it comes to events which leaves one without a doubt, that the main event, Super GT, will be a great success.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the read!

Words – Eugene Chan.

Photos – Eugene Chan.



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