News Update – No TRD version for tC Scion

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As reported in an earlier post, the tC Scion was said to be getting a TRD version but the Scion arm of Toyota America has weighed in with the news that the tC will only be as TRD as the customer would like…

This means that the car will be customizable according to individual tastes and needs, with a TRD catalog provided from which to choose performance upgrades.

According to Craig Taguchi from the Scion Public Relations office in California, buyers of the Scion tC will have the option to purchase each or all of the following upgrades:

  • Lowering springs
  • Front and rear sway bar kit
  • Exhaust System
  • Modified Intake
  • Short shifter kit 
  • 19-inch wheels and tires
  • TRD brake kit with cross drilled rotors (front)

The changes should make a substantial mechanical difference to the car but no word was given on whether these modifications will also include aesthetic upgrades.

7tune contacted Taguchi for details on the parts being included in the catalog, but no details were provided. Taguchi did mention that pricing for the Scion tC parts catalog will be coming out within the next week, so expect some more news shortly.

Words: Adam Zillin

Photos: Toyota

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  • TheGreatLion

    Hmm, I still think they should just made a TRD tC model instead of a parts catalog.

  • Bryce

    I agree. Why not do both? I also think that the base car should come with a little bit more kit than it does right now. They’ve been giving that “the car will be customizable according to individual tastes and needs” line forever, and what it really seems to mean is “the car will not be as pretty without some customization.” I don’t have as big of a beef with the tC for this (because it at least seems to come with wheels, or the buyers aren’t as cheap), but the rest of the Scion line needs to ditch the steelies and hub caps.

  • Corey

    As if this wasn’t already a viable option for tC owners? This is nothing new to anyone in the Scion world…honestly steering away from the RS releases and doing something more heritage related like a TRD model would have been the way to go…I think Scion was born into our world gasping for air and has been slowly suffocating itself ever since. They really need to do something different…for the vehicles with corresponding Toyota models, they’re much nicer than anything the American Scion corporation is throwing our way. The new iSt’s with their TRD packages look AMAZING, and the Corolla Rumion has always looked better than the xB.

    it boggles me. but w/e lol

  • chrischoi

    Shows how much you know, the TRD “model” isn’t really it’s own “model”. It’s doesn’t have a different engine or anything… It’s a couple small dinky mods. Anyone can add simple mods. If the TRD “model” offered a bigger engine… then it may be a TRD “model”… it has to be something that can’t just be modded onto a base tC…
    Something that would be a complete swap. TRD “model” has nothing to do with heritage… Why is the TRD “model” = RS 5.0… It’s just a hand ful of mods. It’s boggles you, because you’re stupid.

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