I surf the net looking for JDM stuff that’s cool when I have the time. More often than not, and if you know where to look, you’ll come across JDM cars that simply blow your mind. So forget tissues for this one. It’s time to grab a towel…

This super rare race spec Datsun 432-R Fairlady Z is a perfect example of such a find and it’s currently for sale. How much is it? We’re afraid to ask but don’t expect to get it for much below $200,000.

From what I have gathered on the limited amount of information available on the car in English, this Datsun 432-R is one of the rarest and most valuable Nissan’s, let alone Z’s, on the planet with reportedly only 3 examples made, so to find one like this casually sitting around for sale via the classic car house TAKEEY’S on the open net was simply astonishing. The photos really don’t do this any justice…

The Fairlady 432-R and it’s street oriented Fairlady 432 sibling both share the legendary S20 power-plant from the Hakosuka GT-R but the 432-R got a whole host of extra upgrades and options straight out of the factory. One of those upgrades Nissan made was to squeeze even more power out of the S20. This particular car was taken a step further with the addition of specially crafted titanium exhaust headers sitting along side the freshly rebuilt motor.

Nissan also gave the lucky buyers the option to choose their own gearbox ratios and differential final drives.

They also took as much out of the car as they put back in it. This meant specially designed lightweight bucket seats replaced standard pews, a carpet-less floor and boot to keep the weight down and road noise up, the addition of plexiglass side and rear windows, a fiber glass under carry tray, grill and flat black bonnet, plus the removal of any ancilliaries not conducive to speed. So, adios heater! Sayonara clock!

One really unique thing about the car was its trans tunnel mounted ignition barrel. Get into this thing and you know you’re going racing. When you did, you’d find Nissan had provided a 4 point harness to keep you in place although this one makes do with lap sash harnesses.

Other little things that are peculiar to this 432-R include the super expensive 4 spoke alloy wheels which incidentally were only available as an option for the “R” but were standard equipment for the road going 432. The steering wheel is also special to differentiate the 432-R from the standard S30 Fairlady.

And there’s yet STILL more to see when taking a closer look. I’ve never been a particularly big fan of the burnt looking Orange II color but I can appreciate it is synonymous with the 432-R and the paint has been completely restored using Nissan’s original color codes. The little ducktail spoiler is an optional fiberglass item but the addition of tower bar braces ( one of them carbon fiber ) is anything but factory.

The standard 432 was reported to develop 160hp @ 7000rpm and run the 1/4 mile in 15.8 seconds on its way to a top speed of 130mph. The R weighed 100 kg (220 lb) less and was said to develop 180hp @ 7400rpm and do the same 1/4 mile in 14.7 seconds with a similar top speed of 135mph. That was seriously fast for 1970, when this particular 432-R was made.

So does there happen to be any well heeled readers out there looking for one of the most delicious slices of Nissan automotive history available in the entire world? Stop by and check out TAKEEY’s and have a look around! There’s plenty more where this pristine classic came from.

Just remember to either bring a big box of tissues or a nice thick towel…

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Words – Adam Zillin

Source and Images – Takeey’s Classic Car Shop

4 thoughts on “ODD SPOT – ULTRA RARE 432R FAIRLADY Z”

  1. Wow!! Great stuff guys…. I knew a bit about the 432 but not the 432-R. Amazing. Love the spare tire delete too.

  2. Wow!! Great stuff guys…. I knew a bit about the 432 but not the 432-R. Amazing. Love the spare tire delete too.

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