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KEANSBURG, NJ –Nestled in a small town along the eastern seaboard of New Jersey, sleeps the monsters of Japan. The importers, builders, caretakers and handlers of said beasts are nothing short of dedicated professionals with a vision of purity, innovation and exceptional performance which embodies the 7Tune philosophy of automotive enthusiasm. These are the gentlemen of Pride Performance; an incredible organization which brings clarity to an American car scene that seems so confused.

In an industry inundated with opinion and misguided trends, automotive purists stand out like a star illuminating the sky. Japanese sports car enthusiasm constantly faces heavy criticism simply due to the overwhelming trends which sweep different regions across the world.

Some say that such trends are a misguided attempt to aesthetically imitate how certain cars are modified in Japan; some would argue that it’s obnoxious. However, to pine over such issues could easily be a distraction from those who live and breathe the lifestyle every single day of their existence.

Pride Performance, who will soon make a transition in name, and approach, to Pride Motorsports can do virtually everything. Better yet, they can do these things well. A reputable company with ties throughout the industry, they have the ability to source such beasts like the BNR34, JZA80, and CP9A, to name a few, for the American market. Once acquired, vehicles are rebuilt from the ground up.

The in-house staff at two facilities possess the ability to tune engines in every facet, custom fabricate any part that’s needed or provide customers with the parts desired from a variety of manufacturers. Additionally, their reach has already extended into the professional drifting community as Pride has built custom carbon fiber dashboards for both Matt Powers and Dai Yoshihara.

This proves very crucial to the American market of Japanese car enthusiasts as many are unable to obtain certain brands of their preference without paying double the market value. What makes their service so unique from a consumer’s standpoint is that they are not specific to simply the monster machines which dominate the Wangan.

Pride’s expertise spreads to any Japanese performance car and even to European beauties such as Ferrari and Porsche. They are, in fact, a full service organization and a living proof that form will always follow function. While such feats may seem intimidating to a passing consumer, their impeccable work is coupled with a familial approach to their customer base.

My personal experience with these gentlemen was nothing short of favorable, and that is perhaps an understatement. During my brief time in the states, I grew weary at the sight of, and emphasis on, “stance.” It is a theory which challenges the very essence of modifying a vehicle which is born for performance.

Pride is an organization which almost seems like a direct transplant from the shops in Japan who quietly, and consistently, build beautifully complete vehicles. A simple step into their domain is reminiscent of C&Y Sports or SpeedFactory in Okinawa, Japan. The level of respect the representatives of Pride have for their craft, their vehicles and the customer is unparalleled in the American market.

While the majority of the tuning industry in America continues to beat their chests and keep up with the ever-changing trends, Pride humbly does good work and continues to grow. The obvious drive and dedication of the organization shows their continued growth well beyond their stateside facilities. A dedicated organization which is proficient and familial is a difficult organization to come by. But for the level of commitment Pride has to their craft, seeking their services is worth traveling the world for.

Please visit Pride’s webpage at for more information.

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Words and Photos – Brandon L. Saunders

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  • Armanda Zukic

    Great write up Brandon!

    The guys over at Pride Performance are such awesome and great people. More shops like theirs are needed around the United States.

    • Brandon Saunders

      Thanks Armanda.

  • Armanda Zukic

    Great write up Brandon!

    The guys over at Pride Performance are such awesome and great people. More shops like theirs are needed around the United States.

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