You’re looking at a very special GT-R Spec V that has been immortalized by the team at Gran Truismo 5; a car that has even had its own scale model created for it…

I was at Fuji Speedway yesterday for an endurance race where some of the industries biggest names came to compete in a race that lasted 6 hours and included 70 cars with no less than 10% of the field consisting of R35 GT-R’s. This car didn’t run for times but that doesn’t matter. It was like the video game came to life and parked itself in front of the pit garages!

I’ve got stacks of photos from the enduro day and plenty of news coming as well from the 2011 TAS so stay tuned for Stage One of the coverage!

Oh and if you’d like to find me on GT5, just look up the name ZILDOG! Let’s race!

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Photos and words – Adam Zillin

7 thoughts on “RANDOM SNAP – ONE OF A KIND R35 SPEC V”

  1. Do you have any GT5 news? That would-be great… It’s been somewhat of a disappointment, I guess I had my hopes up to high….

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