RX-7 Concept May Appear at Tokyo Motor Show

This year’s Tokyo Motor Show is the perfect opportunity for Mazda to introduce a RX-7 concept so there’s a possibility we may see it appear in October. The RX-7 will likely showcase Mazda’s new design philosophy which goes once step beyond the previous “Nagare” concepts.


The new RX-7 is said to relieve the RX-8 of its rotary flag-bearing duties and become Mazda’s flagship rotary sports car featuring a new design philosophy which we’re told is “one step beyond Nagare”. It has also been previously reported that the new RX-7 (or RX-9 according to Holiday Auto) would go on sale in the first half of 2012, which would mean the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show (TMS) would be the obvious place for its debut. This year’s TMS is an opportunity for Mazda to cash in on RX-7 fever as rotary enthusiasts start to wonder what’s going to happen once the RX-8 ends its production cycle. Mazda is expected to show its commitment to the rotary in October and what better way to do it than with a new RX-7 concept. Although it would be great to see a RX-7 successor revealed, Best Car conclude that there’s a “55% chance” that we could see a new concept break cover in Tokyo… so in other words, don’t hold your breath! 

Words: Justin Karow
Image: Best Car


11 thoughts on “RX-7 Concept May Appear at Tokyo Motor Show”

  1. The Japanese magazines love to spread rumors that once loved sports cars are coming back.

    I just hope that the demand gets through to the makers. I would love to see more Supras, Ae86s, Celicas, Silvias, and RX-7s (or Rx-3 for that matter.

    My list could go on but I’m sad to say most won’t ever come true.

  2. ya,i wish too that cars from the past would be built up to a newer version,but i don´t think that a AE86 or a silvia s13 would have the popularity in the future like now,because they don´t even would have the look or the design like in the past and how know them nowadays

  3. Derek: I think that’s their plan, to keep the rumors coming thick and fast to help put pressure on the manufacturers to do what we really want them to do… make performance cars and not succumb too much to “eco-car” disease. 🙂

  4. Let me start my own rumors then…

    I hear that Toyota is remaking the 2000gt and it will star in the next bond film entitled “Toyota, stop making appliance vehicles”

    Toyota… Are you listening.

    I hear that Soichiro Toyoda had something to say about how Toyota has been emulating GM and how it needs to get back to it’s roots. Let’s hope that Jr can get that done.

    I have high hopes.

    Back to the topic though…

    Mazda’s concepts have been way too stylized as or recently but their production models turn out fairly nice. I think a new rotary powered sports car would look and perform very well.

  5. Wow! If this really does go through which I’m sure of with the development of the new 16X rotary engine and all, then I’d better start saving now. I don’t really care too much about how it looks, just as long as it brings back the philosophy of the RX-7.

  6. People winge so much about the designs that Mazda bring out but atleast they are still producing a rotary coupe for enthusiasts. If that were the case you would all be complaining about that.

    Looks great in my opinion!

  7. Im not a rotor fan much but mazda SHOULD do a better version of the rx8 at least. the rx8 was soft!

  8. i agree with some of you… Bring back the essence of rx-7, rx-8 is soft, and don’t forget, twin turbo too…, the look of new rx-7 concept (or rx-9), is still soft, hope they can integrate the japan samurai sword concept like the old rx-7, but still i hope don’t copycat the rx-7. I mean that when i look at the new concept, i know they are the same lineage even though they don’t look the same.

    Am i asking too much?

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