“Sakura-chan” AW11 MR-2

A friend of mine asked if I knew about Kobe’s famous “Sakura-chan” AW11 MR-2 the other day, I had no idea what he was talking about so he directed me to a certain blog which had photos of the car in question.

“Cherry Blossom Chan” indeed!


Note the color-coded Crocs shoes and roll cage. These pics were from the 2007 Dream Car Show carpark and some other club meeting.

The owner goes by the name of “Mikoman” and has made numerous appearances around the Hyogo area and is an active member of the AW11 Owner’s Club. After a bit of searching it seems that Mikoman modified the car in this way for his spouse and he also has another similarly modified gull-wing AW11 in blue! I found an email address and have sent an email so we’ll see if Mikoman will allow us to take a closer look.

Words: Justin Karow
Images: Tenbin-san/BMW Garten

12 thoughts on ““Sakura-chan” AW11 MR-2”

  1. Apart from that 2 gay spoilers, rear lamps and those bumper vents, ok, and that wacky interior, I gotta say I love the car’s style! Love the wheels!

  2. Btw, the first pic is vertically inverted, right? I remember the vent’s on the right, fuel cap on the left, and the C-pillars look interesting 🙂

  3. I really don’t like the spoilers, they’re not good looking at all and the fact that he added scissor doors seem even worse lol..

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