School Girl Dies in Drifting Accident

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Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan: At around 2:00AM (JST) this morning a 15 year old school girl was admitted to hospital with massive injuries after being hit by a car which was drifting in a car park.

dms00003g090723dYuki Terao, a junior high school student, was watching classmates drift an unlicensed car in a car park when the driver of the vehicle “made a mistake” and slid into Ms Terao who was dragged some distance before stopping. She was taken to hospital but died soon after with extensive injuries. The 16 year old driver of the car and the 18 year old unemployed passenger have been arrested by the Police and are expected to receive a manslaughter charge.

What impact will this have on drifting in Japan? If previous accidents where a bystander was injured are anything to go by, the Police will probably make a huge (relatively speaking) effort in the coming weeks to shut down any street drifting in the Himeji area. In Osaka at least, the penalties for street drifting are quite severe with hefty fines and license suspensions of up to 2 years. So already there has been a decline in the instance of street drifting in Japan but it still goes on, only in more remote areas. How this affects the wider community’s opinion of drifting is a little harder to predict as, in the grand scheme of things, drifting is largely ignored by the majority of people in Japan. Of course that holds true until a fatal accident makes the news. It goes without saying… keep it at the track!

Words: Justin Karow
Image: Sankei Kansai

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  • dorichan

    this is too bad. i love drift (please show more 7tune ^_^ )but sometimes people go to far. what was the car did they say ?

  • dorichan

    forgot to say rip Yuki ;_;

  • i don’t know

    my condolence to ms yuki terao, hope she can rest in peace, and her family continue to smile ever after.

    i still fancy drift, but after reading this touching and sad story, i’m going to think about safety more, whether watching other in actions or myself in actions…

  • Justin Karow

    News reports that I’ve seen didn’t mention the type of car.

    idon’t know: Agreed, tragic events like this should remind everyone to stay safe and make the right choices, both drivers and spectators.

    I’ve been to my fair share of street drifting in Japan and to say that things were unsafe from a spectators point of view at some of those places is a little bit of an understatement.

  • Stingray

    Well, that’s sad news, RIP Yuki, now street drifting is cool, but the people involved need to know that they need to be more careful around moving cars, especially the ones going sideways. Oh, and “the 18 year old unemployed passenger have been arrested by the Police and are expected to receive a manslaughter charge” why dose anyone should care if he is unemployed or not?

  • K’

    It’s unfortunate to hear about it. Condolences to Ms. Terao’s family. I’ve been a strong supporter of keeping it on the track but I’m also for a controlled street scene. When I say controlled street scene, I mean with cones and pylons and barriers. Not drift around in your local neighborhood parking lot unsupervised where you can potentially cause a fatal accident such as this.

    Side note: Justin, looks like the ‘bots have found 7tune lol…everyone knows 30 pounds in 30 days without a diet is impossible unless you surgically remove body parts.

  • Justin Karow

    K’: haha yes the bots are definitely keeping us busy!

    Stingray: They mentioned “unemployed” because all the other people involved (driver and a number of bystanders) were from the high school that Yuki attended.

  • Fury-S12

    wow that’s sad to hear and very unlucky i no the police will crack down on drifting because of this but drift fans shouldn’t look down on drift because of it, an unlicensed underage guy in a car park isn’t what drifting is about even street drift which is illegal in itself but im sure the drift community as a whole doesn’t condone acts like this


  • importpunch

    Feel sorry for the girl.

  • Dirty Bird 15

    Keep it on the track. I think the bigger issue is making track time affordable and easily available so we don’t have these problems.

  • Justin Karow

    Dirty Bird 15: I hate to say it but no matter how affordable and accessable they make drifting, there’ll still be people doing it on the street (or public car park). It’s an attitude thing more than anything.

  • ae86boy

    yeah, Rip to ms.terao, I learned to keep it on the track the hard way, injuring 3 people in the process..

  • driftzilla

    that really is quite sad. street drifting has always seemed so irresponsible for me to even attempt even when i know it should be “safe”… lesson to be learned!

  • DoriDoriKun

    Poor Girl!
    The reality of this story is quite simple. A kid playing with a car with no mature point of view. He is 16, remember yourselves at this age – wind minded usually.. Eh.. Still, i dont mind practicing at empty car parking, but having spectrators would make me refuse seriously from doing this since i ve been ran by a car in the past and well aware what danger an uncontrolled car can bring to people./
    I definetly hope this accident wont just go unspoken, and other drifters would think more of safety at public roads.

    Imho its his parents fault as i see cuz its them who should ve done all to make him realize the responsibility he should take while driving a car.


  • ChrisDavy

    Street drifting is about attitude more than anything, but one is responsable for his actions, there are so many other activities that are dangerous to everyone. To put it simple, u can swing a sword or a knife, but as long as u are grown up about it and responsable, no one will ever get hurt nore die. Accidents such as this one and accidents in general are more about education than restriction. For all beginners, keep it in a controled environment and be responsable about your actual skills.
    From another point of view, it is sad and stuppid that people in countries full of tracks such as Japan choose the street, while there are countries where there are no tracks at all! I live in a country where there are no tracks and practicing can be a real bitch!

    Performers and spectators are equally responsable for there own and other’s safety!

    Think at least twice before u make a move! It’s the best solution for everyone!

    RIP Yuki and peace to all!

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