You’re looking at what are most likely legitimate spy shots of the JDM Brochure for the FT-86 that is to be released at this years Tokyo Motor Show. Automotive enthusiasts the world over are on high alert for any news on the long awaited car and this latest set of shots of the body options and interior trim from the brochure are sure to whip up yet another round of frenzied debate…

From what we can gather, the white FT-86 in the shot is of particular options for the car, namely a 3 piece “Modellista” bodykit that includes a front bar, side-skirts and rear quarter flanks.

The shot contains some info on paint as well with 3 colors offered for the kit as standard. 1.Satin White Pearl 2. Sterling Silver Metallic 3. Crystal Black Silica. The brochure goes on to say that other colors are available from the dealer but need to be specially ordered.

The other shot we have is for the interior and one of the first things you notice is the choice between a) black with red stitching or b) black with red inserts that include the seats and steering wheel.

Even though some of the text is obscure, we have figured out the slogan on the shot reads something along these lines; “The sports inspired cockpit will take you to an exciting new driving world.” There are some peculiarities with the photos though that we’ve highlighted. (1.) The car has a clutch pedal as can be seen in the footwell but the oddity is number (2.) which clearly shows an Automatic gate pattern: ( P–R–N–D–+D- ) In (3.) you can see that it will come with a push button starter.

There is also the likelyhood that Toyota is offering both transmission options for the car and that the zoomed out shot of the interior shows the manual, with the close up of the shifter being the auto version. It isn’t clear if the car will have flappy paddles or not. If you look closely, you can see the a small ring around the shifter that looks very much like a Subaru piece – with the gearboxes on the Subaru, you lift the ring and move the shifter over to select reverse. It’s most likely a similar 6 speed mission used in the Subaru STi’s.

If you were to ask us for our honest opinion, these do indeed look like legitimate shots from the coming catalog and we can’t wait to see the car for ourselves when it finally breaks cover at this years Tokyo Motor Show! We will be there to see it first hand for the press launch and you can count on 7Tune to be among the first to break the news to the world.

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Words and Translations – Adam Zillin

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