Spoon Testing Parts For Honda CR-Z

Check out Spoon Sports’ new CR-Z… this is just the beginning of development for Honda’s new hybrid sports car so expect many more changes over the coming months.



Looks great doesn’t it? Personally I neither like nor dislike the CR-Z’s edgy styling, but seeing what Spoon have been up to with Honda’s new baby has made me take another look and think again. A new set of alloys and a lowered ride height has done wonders (for me at least) and I can’t wait to see what it’ll look like with Spoon’s trademark carbon hood, front lip spoiler and blue and yellow warpaint. Maybe if Jon Sibal has some spare time he can help out there…?

Among the parts being tested are the coilovers, N1 exhaust, ECU, and ‘twin-block’ calliper and slit rotor brake upgrade. There’s no information on the ECU at this stage but the N1 exhaust has given the CR-Z a more sports car-like note in contrast to the near silent stock system, also a front coilover kit and rear spring/shock kit are being developed which have been lowered around 50mm and Spoon Sports is conducting ongoing tests with spring rates, shock stroke length and dampening characteristics. The front brake callipers use Spoon’s twin block units with 15 inch slit rotors which  also being tested to lower the pedal effort to achieve sufficient braking power. A set of blue Spoon CR93 alloys finish off the car and compliment the new ride height well. One thing they didn’t mention was the Spoon Sports aero mirrors which going by the photos, it looks like Civic FN2 Type R units bolt straight on.


Images: Spoon Sports

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13 thoughts on “Spoon Testing Parts For Honda CR-Z”

  1. Seeing it like this makes me like the CR-R even more! The Blue rims suits thecar well me thins!
    I just wish they offered it with a norma engine, rather than beeing a hybrid!

  2. Awesome overall look, and yeah the rims have a nice design and look well on the white, but then again just about any color of rims will look good on this Honda pearl white. Can’t wait to see more radical tuning projects on the CR-Z.
    Any news about a future S2000/S3000? http://futureauto.blogspot.com/2010/02/2012-honda-s2000.html I’ve found this like 2 days ago, and it looks like a typical rendering from a Japanese mag.

  3. Yep looks good. Like calster17 I reckon itd be better with a F22C option but you can’t have everything..

  4. Fancy looking car. Knowing Spoon, suspension tweaks and modifications are only the tip of the iceberg. Though to be honest, I don’t see the need for this car to be packing that much power. The spirit of this car lives in chassis tuning. I can picture this car tailing higher end RWD sports cars with more power around tight and technical tracks with ease. Overall this car is a huge leap in the right direction regardless of the stock numbers and really pushing the envelop when it comes to bearing the label of a “hybrid”.

    The moment this hits dealers stateside I’m down for a test drive or two (or three).

  5. i want this hybrid minus blue color given to calipers and rims, hope they give same color to whole parts and body… while i want to have hybrid + sport car, i also didn’t want to ignore paint and interior job… if body color is blue(might be better with ocean blue), i drive this hybrid anywhere, either to late night party or early morning market, even car event(race/drift/auto show)… still i want to know what happen with the performance…

  6. I laiikkee
    Too bad I won’t be seeing these bad boys on the streets of Adelaide anytime soon 🙁
    I’ve always had a soft spot for pocket rockets.

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