Subaru 086A STi

Here’s a quick update on Subaru’s Sti version of the 086A (FT-86) RWD sports car from Holiday Auto.


While the regular Subaru 086A is expected to be exactly the same as the Toyota version albeit with subtle exterior/interior styling differences, it’s the high performance STi version that’s getting the most attention now that the FT-86 Concept has broken cover ahead of this month’s Tokyo Motor Show. The standard 086A of course utilizes Subaru’s EJ20 flat-four boxer engine with D4-S direct injection, an Aisin 6-speed gearbox and a rear differential as used on the Lexus IS250/350. The rumored output of 200PS has been quoted once again as to be “almost certain” but a conflicting rumor from another source sets the output as being as low as 160PS. Nevertheless, the STi Version should answer people’s prayers for more power.

Holiday Auto (HA) reports that the STi Version will use the EJ25 2.5L engine that’s expected to produce between 240 – 250PS which is enough, HA say, to turn the 086A into a true performance car. An EJ25 turbo also hasn’t been ruled out, it seems that the Toyota/Subaru partnership have gone to great lengths to listen to what customers want and if the voices are loud enough, may come through with a boosted 086A STi. In keeping with the Impreza WRX STi, the 086A STi Version will apparently get wider front and rear guards to accommodate a wider track with wider wheels and tires. The know-how gathered from tuning the suspension for the WRX STi will be used to improve the 086A’s handling characteristics, although HA stop short of saying the parts will be directly carried over. We should also expect some additional STi only aero parts such as a unique front bumper and rear trunk spoiler to give the STi Version a more motorsports inspired look.

Although it’s not confirmed yet, there’s a strong possibility the Subaru 086A STi Version will be shown at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show or not long after at the 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon and will hit showrooms shortly thereafter.

Words: Justin Karow
Image: Holiday Auto

27 thoughts on “Subaru 086A STi”

  1. Hmmm…it’s not too far off from it’s sister car. Compared to the “leaked” sketches I saw on google the other day this is a relief. A very much needed relief.

    I figured the overseas market might get the 2.5L treatment. I’m always down for more liters haha. It’s going to be such a sweet car, all that money I’ve been saving for a Spec B will end up going to this little STi instead. Man, I can’t wait for this car! I can already see some of the aftermarket aero support for these machines, it’s going to be so awesome.

  2. Hmm, this is more like badge engineering, sure the car looks great, but it would be a good thing if it is more Subaru, with a more unique design not a FT-86 with a Subaru badge and new bumpers.

  3. It’d be hard not to put money down for a turbo EJ25 version though, I guess until they decide whether it’ll be NA or not I’m still putting money down for the Toyota.

  4. Well, fear not, Subaru still got something for us, a new SVX. However, the report came from UK’s autoexpress – – a mag that I won’t trust my life with. I wonder if it will be built on the same platform as the next Supra, grr I wish Toyota would publish it’s plans for the next few years.

  5. This styling isn’t too far off from the FT-86. But PLEASE Subaru, don’t put a big friggin spoiler on the rear of this car like you did with the current year Impreza.

  6. wahahahaha… i like it.. that’s it… somehow, look like bmw’s z4 + nissan z35, now, what i get from this little monster?

  7. Ok great thanks Toyota/Subaru now I gotta leave work cause I just crapped my pants from this news, pooping aside this is excellent news and I’m really excited to see this car becoming more and more exciting with the little bits on info we are getting…. Can’t wait to see them on the street…

  8. well it looks beautiful, perfomance is goood, but knowing a weird taste of subaru designers – I do not believe that it will look so awesome in production.

  9. I’m a bit confused. This sees like a bad move for Subaru to sell the exact same car but with more power. What a waste of an excellent opportunity. Instead of cannibalizing sales from the partnership, Subaru needs to do something to make their car different.

    I hope that the cars will be sold in different markets but I could see both being sold in japan.

    If Subaru completely redesigned the body to look nothing like the Toyota that would be a good start. From there it would be nice if one was more track oriented while the other was more street oriented.

    I mean come on, can’t Subaru come up with something better than “Lets make the same car with more power.” The Toyota, which this is an icon for” will be overshadowed by Subaru. That doesn’t sound like the beginning of a good relationship.

  10. oh wow There goes Subaru again mimicking Another company’s body design. Fist Mazda with threw 2009 wrx, now Nissan with sti version of a Gtr hahahahahahaha. If people want a gtr they will buy one

  11. Both of these cars are going to look a bit ugly. Neither Subaru OR Toyota know how to make a beautiful car any longer. They are building the right KIND of car, however. Who cares if it’s based on a shortened Legacy chassis and uses a boxer-four? The car is lightweight, rear wheel drive and both companies have been working hard to make it a legitimate 2+2 performance car for $21k-$26k base price.

    How on Earth is this a bad thing? How does it matter that it uses a boxer engine? Not everyone can justify putting all their money into a decades old classic car that commands premium dollar on the used market and is a prime theft target. Toyota is building a car with specifications that enthusiasts actually want and have repeatedly requested for years now. Bravo to them!

    It may be badge engineering but most cars represent the same kind of development these days. An STI 086A couldn’t be more a more welcome addition to this lineup.

  12. What Craig said.

    I love how the Toyota is turning out, but the idea of an STI version from Subaru is just icing on the cake.

    I just sure hope we see one over here, as Subaru doesn’t sell anything non-AWD in the US.

  13. I have to agree at least a little with the previous comments, I can’t see Subaru profiting much from this, but I don’t think that was the point. The point is first and foremost to liven up Toyota’s line up of cars with a proper sports car. If they had to partner with Subaru to do that then so be it. I see the partnership (if you can call it that) as being all about Toyota and Subaru picking up decent sports car out of the deal… not much else. For that reason I couldn’t care less how the Subaru looks, it’s the Toyota variant that matters. /Toyota bias

  14. I see…I see…GT-R styling! And the signature Nissan/Infiniti roof kink that their lead designer has been doing for each of there cars. Overall I hope that the Subaru version is more hardcore than the Toyota version.

  15. I think what most of the people are forgetting to notice is that this car might not Subaru’s famous AWD system. If it does have, it will be nice that they’re keeping up with their roots. Also, it needs a roof scoop as well!! I want mine with AWD, 340hp, hood scoop and of course painted in world rally blue!

  16. I am all for the powertrain but the looks are not winning me over. Lexus LFA with GTR rear. Then again I never thought Subarus as a much to look at. Dont get me wrong though, I love the performance.

  17. translating Decostat ” that subaru is equal to the ft86. im pretty sure they will produce both vehicles”

    anyhow, i quite like the idea of subaru badging the car and upscaling it to the STI, maybie here in Amerika we will get only the subaru and in japan and rest of the world it would be a Toyota, im quite pretty sure that is how is going to happend. Anyways , if they offer a performance version of the car it will become an instant clasic!

  18. @ dorichan: no, I remember the news said that the FT-86 concept wouldn’t fit Subaru’s AWD so I’m not sure what will happen.

  19. How much like a baby GTR does this look?

    The roof line, the front and rear guards…

    Sometimes I can’t help but think that Japanese car companies, even after all these years still struggle to come up with original ideas, design wise.

    Sure, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but that’s fooling no one anymore.

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